Setting up a Dedicated Server for Isles of Siptah

Anyone figure out what we have to drop into one of the .ini files to get this to change maps?
Ive been following this thread:

This is what you have to do but at the moment works only with the TestLive branch because Live is not yet updated. Even if you make your server work, you won’t be able to join it until you purchase the map.

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Hi, i cant found the Engine.ini, i have 2 files with the same name, i put in 2 files, i cant run :S

Picking a Map via ini file: This is the preferred way to select a map for the server to run on. You need to edit Engine.ini located in Conan Exiles Dedicated Server\ConanSandbox\Saved\Config\WindowsServer. Add the following lines to this file:


Does this help?

Hi does this only apply to Dedicated servers run on your pc, or does it apply to G Portal aswell?

I can’t seem to switch my G Portal server to Siptah, any help?

Only dedicated, yes. I think gportal had a dropdown menu to pick the map. I am not sure though because I don’t run a g-portal server. Check again their configuration panel.

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