Cant launch the isle dlc on my server

HI, im adding

[/Script/EngineSettings.GameMapsSettings] ServerDefaultMap=/Game/DLC_EXT/DLC_Siptah/Maps/DLC_Isle_of_Siptah

into the engine ini but it still loads the old map, how to start a server with the new map?
i restarted my server etc

Have you updated your server first? You can only select the map after the update?

i wiped it and updated it.

Funcom, dont you have mods/devs here?

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Same issue, we are using host havoc and they cant fix it yet.

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Did you add it to the ConanSandbox/Saved/Config/WindowsServer (or whatever it is on Linux) or did you put it in Engine/Config/Localization/Engine.ini ? Posts I’ve seen on this are not clear, but I did see that apparently each save has a different map, so it might be under the Saved folder.

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How are they setting it up, via Engine.ini or command line parameter, can you ask them?


Please check this thread for some information regarding hosting a private server.

If you’re using the dedicated server launcher tool, please also make sure to check it’s dedicated thread to see if there’s any updates or other people with the same issue.

i did, and it didnt worked (read my first post for that)

We use Host Havok also. Click on Config Files - You will get the three files you can edit. Click Engine.ini and you get a drop down to switch to Isle of Siptah. Save and start your server. Make sure to update server files before restarting. If you are using mods, be sure they have been updated or tested before you leave them in.

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I managed to get it to work.

I deleted the ConanSandbox/Saved folder.

Ran steamcmd +login anonymous +app_update 443030 validate
This added back the ConanSandbox/Saved folder.

Started the server and then shut it back down. This created the ConanSandbox/Saved/Config folder with WindowsServer in it.

I went there: ConanSandbox\Saved\Config\WindowsServer

Opened Engine.ini, and added the bottom 2 lines:
[/Script/EngineSettings.GameMapsSettings] ServerDefaultMap=/Game/DLC_EXT/DLC_Siptah/Maps/DLC_Isle_of_Siptah

Started the server back up. Then the DLC_Siptah.db and related files showed up in ConanSandbox/Saved.

Then I joined, and I saw the new map.

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checked the file browser, i have the siptah files in it, so i realy dont know why it isnt working.
i added the lines in the engine.ini
i rented the server from LOW.MS

I added the line to the engine.ini file and it still loads the Exiled Lands…

@Jingui The enegine.ini in here ConanSandbox\Saved\Config\WindowsServer?

@patermdx is it a dedicated server which you run with the dedicated server launcher?

Yes in the ini file of that path.

I’m hosting this on a second machine at home for me and just a few friends. The server boots up just fine and we can connect but the Exiled Lands map is loaded, not the isle.

Here’s what my ini file looks like


[/Script/EngineSettings.GameMapsSettings] ServerDefaultMap=/Game/DLC_EXT/DLC_Siptah/Maps/DLC_Isle_of_Siptah

I must be dumb I guess since I can’t figure this out…

Idk mate, I dont use the launcher myself. Not sure how to help try adding this as well:

@PitMonk can u help?