Deleted Inventory

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Other
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: 6436
Mods: None

Bug Description:

I logged into the game after 7 days away from the server. All of my stored inventory was deleted, my door was deleted, and anything I had build was deleted in two grids of my home. The Listing of rg Event Manager SAYS NOTHING about these removals or deletions. Where did my stuff go?? Why is this still an issue AFTER 5 YEARS?

If your buildings enter an abandoned state anyone else can just dismantle them, so those 7 days away might have been 1 day too many…
Either that or you’ve been admin wiped in which case you’ll also get a ban on next server restart.

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Thankfully this isn’t an admin wipe as they don’t just target doors or placeables. Your entire build would be gone.

What this sounds like is someone decayed your door and inventories like chests as @Xevyr mentioned.

But it should show in your logs. So try increasing the proximity all the way to the right and see if that shows who did it.

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Its an OFFICAL Server. The only Admins on official ones are from Funcom no?
ALL the server info shows that none of this should have happened in 7 days. Nothing in the logs show anyone doing anything. This is clearly a bug of some sort since even Admin actions would have been listed.

Admin actions don’t present themselves in that way and they would have deleted your bases in entirety, not just doors and placeables. It would show as lost stability. So we can rule that out.

Decay is currently 10 days. Check the server settings to see if this is the case. Some servers are not in line with the majority. An example is an NA PvP server I visited recently that is 1x XP and harvest rates which is an anomaly compared to the rest at x4.

Did you increase the proximity as I suggested?

If you have done both then it is either a bug that they disappeared or your things decayed and someone dismantled them.

I have done the proximity, nothing on the server listed except someone summoning an Avatar. Following the posting for the “rules” for the server, decay is set to 10 or 14, not 7. No one dismantled the missing items, and I only had decay of meat I dropped.
Chances of this bug getting attention are slim I guess. I just don’t want to invest a lot of time to only see it deleted by a bug.

Ok good, so this will help the team rule out some things.

For anything else missing, had you not visited those other areas in 10 days or more?

There may be a bug that we don’t know about where it doesn’t show who dismantles things anymore. It’s hard to test of course. You’d have to recruit a friend or acquaintance and see if you can reproduce that.

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