All my stuff is gone

Game mode: Official Sever 1043 PvE-C
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE-Conflict
Region: EU
Mods?: No
Edition: Steam

Bug Description:

I logged in and everything was gone except my thralls. I worked really hard for all my stuff, and I am quite certain I did not pass the 7 day timer.

Steps to Reproduce:

I just logged in totally naked amidst all my thralls.

Could you look into it please? I really do not feel like starting over again. Thanks a lot in advance.

Best Regards,

Did you check the logs? There should be a list of what happened, at least roughly. I see you’re on a PVE-C server; is it possible someone stone-aged you while you were away? And how “quite certain” are you that your stuff didn’t decay? Again, check the logs.


It said something about my foundation collapsing, and then everything was destroyed.

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If your log shows " TYPEfundation has enter decay state at DATETIME " entry this means this fundation and all the buildings pieces attached to it went into decay state , which means it went over the timmer , and therefore was vulnerable to anyone passing by to loot it for 24h (depending on your base size 48h in holidays) before it “vanishes” natturally.

If your log shows a different entry tell us what it says ( you can even take a screen and post it )

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Says I am new user, so I cannot upload images.

It says: Flotsam Foundation owned by Shinigami has changed decay state to abandoned. Will Decay at 2021/07/03.

That’s on 3rd July? And I logged in this morning on 2nd July.

Abandoned mean enter decay mode.Decayed mean completely disapear.So somebody can take all your stuff after abandoned start.And on pvp time-from your inventory too.In log player names will be visible only if they demolish building or take stuff from your inventory

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then that means indeed your base went into decay state , that means that for 24 hours ( 48 in holidays ) your base is abandoned ( if you would look as another player/clan your base it would have a timmer of 24 h after the begining of the decay state with a red “decayed” ) and if you connect in that timmer you may be lucky and save your base from decaying , but at this moment your base is also lootable and destroyable by anyone that pass nearby and check your timmers . if your base disapeared before the announced date , then it means some other player/clan was quick on looting you

The building pieces could have lost stability, before the patch (to a known bug) was released, and that could have reduced the decay timer, allowing other players to destroy the base.

Don’t give him false hope @h3rb1. That stability bug has absolutely nothing to do with what OP has described.

In reality, someone came along and looted his base or just destroyed it for the hell of it, while it was ‘abandoned.’ This is why I refresh my timers twice a week, if something comes up and I am a day late, no big deal.

Condolences @Bakurju. On the bright side you still have all your fighter thralls and rebuilding can be fun. Good luck.


Ah that is fine then, too bad I was a few hours late. Thanks a lot for your replies, that is it for me, good luck to you all :slight_smile: If anyone plays on that server, I can give you all the op thrall gear I got.

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Ha ha, hope was not the intent, instead I was trying to see if the issue contributed to loss of the timer due to missing pieces (reduced size of base). However, seems like the log entries described say otherwise and it was indeed just a loot action.

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