Delving/drops give feats requiring Frost Forge

The Frost Smithing feat can be learned from a dropped scroll, and Pride of Aesir can be learned by delving. However, the items these feats let you forge can only be created at the Frost Forge in the Exiled Land’s Temple of Frost. This seems like a pretty clear oversight.


The Frost Giant Armor and Pride of Aesir can be crafted on the armorer bench. I’ve seen a few players on my server wearing them.

Frost Giant, yes. Pride of Aesir, no. If you’ve seen people wearing Pride, it’s because they looted it off of Aesir in surges - T4 North surges drop a lot of it.

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it may be an oversight or we may have not found out how to access these forges yet. can we get some confirmation? I’d like to know why i cant craft using the frostsmithing recipe i just picked up.

My guess is that the forge will be in the tower which is still work in progress.

I doubt that you can compare these two because Funcom has stated that they are still actively working on siptah’s content.

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