Pride of Aesir armor

So, I put a bunch of pride of aesir armor pieces from a surge into the delving bench, and got a scroll. Yay! But…I consumed the scroll, went over to make it and it wasn’t in armorers bench. Upon checking feats, etc, I recieved a Pride of Aesir scroll that can only be crafted at the Frost Giant forge. Going to assume this is a bug? Or is it something on my end? I’m pretty sure Siptah doesn’t have any frost giants, lol. Is there a way for me to unlearn this feat if it is indeed the wrong one?


It isn’t. This armor always needed to be crafted there.
I dont know wether there is one on the isle.

As far as I understood, you use the “Pride of Aesir” armor on Siptah to craft the “Frost Giant´s Armor”, so you don´t really need the recipe itself as of now. The pieces can be found, but not crafted:

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Ahh well. The delving bench gave me a scroll for it, so i don’t think its susposed to do that lol

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