Demolisher destruction range?

For anyone that’s participating in the test servers, I’m curious about the destruction range of the demolishers. I’m currently building a Purge base on my official PlayStation server and was curious if the demolishers start to destroy as soon as they hit the coffer radius—which is excessively large—or do they do it once they’ve reached the coffer chest? I really don’t wanna make a larger Purge base because the coffer’s radius is so large that they’ll start destroying my base before they even break through all the doors to get to the chest. Any feedback on how it works would be appreciated. Thanks!

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In short: They do not have a destruction range.

In long: Once they reach your coffer with no more doors they go into free for all mode. However, there is a limit to how much will be plundered before the purge ends and once that triggers they will despawn in 30ish seconds. If you only kill the soldiers and ignore the demolishers then in theory they will level every single structure that you own.

I made a video of a 12 minute purge loss scenario that I shortened to about 6 minutes. Observe the demolishers and you can see they will not damage anything they do not have to until they reach the coffer where you can clearly see their behavior change. Also, purge enemies will do damage to buildings that get caught in their swings, but the damage is low and it is not intended by the attackers (damage to gate housing or foundations near the gate).


Thanks… what happens if you set the coffer guy and chest behind its own door within the overall space? I did that with my purge base to give an extra bit of protection within the coffer space I designated for treasure.

As long as there is a door alive in the path to the coffer then the demolishers will not go into free for all mode.

edit: also there can be an issue if there is not enough clearance around the coffer then the purge will not find a path. I noticed this when the coffer did not have like 1 foundation available surrounding it.

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Awesome! Thanks!

I’m on an official Xbox pvp server and there’s this 1 guy that keeps burying his coffer. First it was up in the cliffs along the green wall in north jungle buried down in this niche literally right against the green wall. I found it coz I heard the excessive scribbling and proceeded to mine downwards using jars. Next he was up on the plateau accross Warriors Walk(spelling?). It was a pretty simple box base but literally had the coffer isolated beneath foundations. I godded that one. Now he’s back in north jungle at Abandoned Outpost….and he’s got the coffer in the mesh beneath the outpost :man_shrugging: Guys a freakin Curmudgeon. His clan name is even grumpy old man. I’m still tryin to figure if I need to god this one or splash will go through the mesh.

How hard it is to kill these guys ? I mean demolishers and soldiers.

Are 2-3 lv.20 Cimmerian Berserkers with epic heavy armors and legendary weapons enough to handle a wave ?

From what I saw in the dev stream….no. Maybe to an extent. They had like 8-10 leveled berserkers in godbreaker to defend along with some helpers from their clan and by the last few waves I think most of the berserkers had died

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There are 7-8 attackers in each wave, one of them is a demolisher. I’m still thinking about such a tactic: halfway to the base, with powerful blows of a spear or short sword, throw out the demolisher and deal with it. The rest, as I understand it, will continue to run to the gates of the base. There you need to put 6 powerful warriors with legendary two-handed swords and an exotic lunch in your inventory, they will quickly deal with those who have run.

They equipped their thralls with normal weapons (looked like default star metal that they spawn in with). I doubt their thralls had food and I also doubt their thralls were leveled. The only weapon that thralls can combo with effectively and use while outnumbered is a mace and I can tell you from testing that 5 level 0 berserkers with 1200 armor, food in their inventory and momentum can survive a tier X purge and you might find 2 that you can tell have lost health by the end. Also, you have to place them in a way that they all go to fight at once, having them staggered will get them swarmed and taken down one by one, where as a group can flail around and unstunlock their comrades.

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Is there a way to know where the purge is going to spawn or gather ?
I mean, I’ve read those guys mainly go for the gates, gathering thralls at the gates instead of spreading them through the perimeter of the whole base may be a good idea ?

I have not tested having like a gate at the south and north of my base but you decide what route they will take in your base based on doors. Keep in mind that if you place too many at your front gate and the gate goes down then the demolishers will try to run right past the defenders to the next door or coffer.

As far as spawning they could be 100m behind your base or spawn 10m from your front gate.

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When 3-4-5 attackers go to one defender, the best weapon is a two-handed sword. One swing deals defeat to all around 360 degrees. The mace does not have this range.
Six months ago, I had 4 thralls with two-handed swords withstanding the purge of the Nordheimer Army of the sixth level - about 150 attackers, crowd of bears and three Ladagaras. Only thanks to two-handed swords.

I usually have groups on 2/3 Berserkers around my base: 2 with legendary greatsword, 1 with Momentum.
All are lv.20 with epic armors.

My problem is that I want to have Archers (which are f*cking useless). I would have no problem if:

  • Archers were strong and PRECISE enough to actually be considered a defense.
  • OR Archers wouldn’t count toward the Thrall limit (considering they are useless)
  • OR Thrall limit would be 100 for everyone (currently I’m limited to 65 being solo).

But considering none of this condition is met … I can only hope the Thralls I have would be enough !

Archers were useful in the old purge for two things:

  1. With their shots, they attracted the attention of the attackers and forced them to flee to their place of residence. With their help, we could control the direction of the attackers.
  2. They detained the enemy’s archers at the distant frontiers and killed them in a skirmish, thereby making it easy for the melee warriors.

None of this is required now, and the archers seem to be useless. It is better for an archer with high agility to give a weapon of agility and place him at the gate.

What??? After all the affection Dennis showed for “Goon A” , I mean he “loved that guy” but he didn’t even give it levels , food or a good weapon? Well that just says a lot about the man.

Me and 1 lvl 20 berserker wiped out a Lvl 10 purge. It was pretty pitiful. This new purge is alot easier then the old purge that swarms your base and causes way more destruction. It was pretty disappointed. I liked the old purge better

Yeah that army of Cimmerian berserkers is pretty brutal. I had that purge spawn in my base up on top of Westwatch Keep before. They destroyed it from the inside out. In the end all I could do was put on a gas mask and start tossing gas orbs everywhere.

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