Purge only works if you let enemies destroy your base

  • Create a simple T3 Purge base (1 Gate + 3 doors to treasure).
  • Start a level 1 Purge.
  • Start killing invaders as they go through gate towards first door.
    → After about half of invaders are dead, invaders give up and Purge ends (leaving us punished with no rewards and costly repairs) .

Through trial and error we discovered that the only way to finish this Purge is by allowing attackers to destroy all but the last door before we start killing them.

  1. This is not fun.
  2. This does not make sense as a strategy.
  3. It’s expensive and boring time and pointless.

Suggested fix:

  • Once invaders commit to an attack, they should continue until defeated or successful
  • I there needs be a flee mechanic, we should be able to defeat fleeing invaders and get rewards (instead of the camp just despawning).
  • This would be consistent with other enemy behavior in game.

Basic Info:

Platform: Epic Games Store / Steam
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: 1090
Mods: None

That’s a bug there. The Demolishers go in the opposite direction of the coffer once inside the base.

(It doesn’t even trigger where my base is at. Tested in singleplayer)

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Welcome to the forum. One thing i cannot understand is this…

If the demolishers do not break the last door to do the “touchdown” to your treasure chest, they do not start demolish the rest. So until they do the “touchdown” nothing else can be broken than doors. And doors do not cost a lot :man_shrugging:. So either you are experiencing a bugged purge, either you are exaggerating. What’s the case here?

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The Purge workes fine for me, tested it with many different builds.

There are some areas and building setups the AI doesn’t deal well with. For example, furniture near the treasure guy seems to irritate it.

I’d say try another build or another location. You probably hit one of the few spots where it doesn’t work for whatever reason. It should be fine with a fresh start.

This, for example, works very well every time:

I’ve notice this issue comes up for purges level 7 and above. For me it is often when the path is blocked by multiple guards or when I heavily saturate the path with gas. The purge loses it’s pathing and gives up.

I don’t think forcing them to commit will work, as it opens the game up to more exploits. Just need to fix their pathing AI.

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