Derketo's Lust Suggestion

Inspired by this: Suggestion: Crom benefit

Derketo’s Lust is a dagger crafted at the Altar where you will inflict Lust per hit on NPCs. This will count as knockout damage for Thralls, but instead of taking them to a wheel to break them, this will turn your opponent to your side, converted to Derketo and will fight with you.
After enough hits, like with a Truncheon, they will be knocked out - or converted - in this case.
What’d you think?

no that would be a little too hard to do and plus that would make it too easy to get thrall fast .

But im not oppose to a special Derketo wheel of pain of where The thrall is not knock out drag but follows you on a neutral stance that does not fight for you nor does it not allow you to look into its inventory but can only have one lusted to you. and then once at the Derketo wheel of pain he will walk in and then you wait for the same ammount of time for converted with food .

Thus it more true to what you want but isnt so out of whack overpowering but i think its a nice compromise

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Considering how Derketo is a goddess of both pleasure and death, shouldn’t this item have a 50-50 chance of killing its target and making it, erm, have fun?


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