Suggestion: Crom benefit

Hold up
I know what you’re thinking.
What would a cold, uncaring God who despises the weak and pleading possibly want to do for some scrummy exile, weak enough to get caught and exiled in the first place? He doesn’t even do anything for the free folk who respects his name!
Well, good reader, let me fill you in on a little theory of mine.
…Or just skip to the gameplay benefits if you don’t care for lore :wink:

The lore stuff.
For those of you who played AoC, you might remember the PVP cimmerian borderlands or “clan castle zone” called Lacheish plains. It was home to Clan Lacheish, and a wide, rich plain with rivers and bordering mountains. Very cimmerian, i loved the place. The lore of it was also quite interesting, as the settlement of Lacheish was in the south of the plains near a lake bearing the same name, BUT, in the middle of the plains to the north of them was a dominating feature of the landscape. Crom’s Rock.
It was not just a simple hill or rock formation, but an old and deep impact crater from a meteor.
*As i understood the lore of Lacheish, the village of the Clan used to be right there at crom’s rock, until one of the clan made the fatal mistake of praying to Crom. As Crom was (as he often and still is) battling it out with his nemesis Ymir, he was not happy to be disturbed by the sheepling whimpers of a mortal. From the top of his mountain, he reached up into the black void amongst the stars, grabbed a rock, and hurled it at the weak man, sending a flaming ball of rock and molten metal into their village, killing nearly everyone. *

As you enter the Lacheish plains many many years later, you meet the remnants of lacheish in the south and as you’re obviously a brave and fearless explorer, you venture into the crater and find exquisite metals, which i assume were brought there by Crom’s own wrath.

Now, in case you haven’t connected the dots just yet, Crom hurls star metal. He also battles Ymir all the time because why not. Frost giants being the sons of Ymir and only spawning in the north of the exiled lands where the star metal meteors land is (to me) a great nod by Joel to this old lore.
I might be wrong and it’s a complete coincidence, but i stand by my theory! They could have been very accurate by accident, who knows!

Now, any cunning cimmerian (or other) worth his or her salt would know the benefits of being both strong and devious, shrewd and cunning. They’re not mindless barbarians as other races would like to portray them, they’re descendants of atlanteans after all, with their riddle of steel.
There would perhaps be room for someone to take great risk to harness Crom’s destructive power for their own game, and in Crom’s eyes if his wrath is summoned by trick that leaves his “worshipper” with a net gain, is he still doomed, or is he tolerated by the great mean god?

Let’s get to some possible implementations for how a few boons for the Crom religion might work.
We all know the “strength given at birth” thing, but there’s actually no strength there at all when you start the game as a cromite. I’d suggest changing that, giving a character a growing boon to either strength, grit, vitality or survival that starts as just a +1, but by endgame becomes a +3. Not much, i know, but if you forego all other religions you will at least be rewarded a little bit. This buff ofcourse disappears the moment you subscribe to any of the games other religions, and maybe even transforms into a curse, a “weakling” mark that you have to suffer for some time, or even fills your purge bar.

There’s no real need for anything more than something small like that, but everyone seems to want some kind of avatar-style thing to use at the endgame. With lore in mind though we can forget an avatar of crom coming down to help you, just accept the fact that if you even try to ask for such a thing, he’s gonna hurl a whole lot of meteors down until you and your base is nothing but dust, like the Lacheish clan. But, in there is where you might get some reward if you are cunning. Lets say you’re raiding your favourite enemy, you’re about to die in a glorious last stand, and with only death in store for you, you reveal your last trick - an amulet to Crom that you went through hell and high water to make and conceal. You grab it in your fist, you break it, knowing this gesture of attention from the God on the mountain will surely incur his wrath without any reservation. As you breathe your last in the limb-cluttered bloodbath you’ve caused, with some thrall’s spear coming closer to finish you off, you hear the roar of Crom’s flaming ball of fury come diving down like a fighterplane on fire, brightening the sky and deafening your puny mortal ears as crom’s bunker-busting rock crashes through nine layers of carefully built castle and crushes the approaching enemy under three tons of priceless metal where you previously stood. As you’re a man or woman of main-protagonist survivability however, you manage to dodge and run away juuuust fast enough to avoid the rock yourself. You can now laugh in the face of death, and stand proud infront of the mountain god and say you tricked him, your risk paid off and you stand the victor of a slaughter in your own name. Glorious!

-At least until Thic8oi, the newest member in your clan calls a bunkerbuster down on your own base by mistake, 3 days later.

So, in short;
A boon to ONE of the following stats acting as your “inborn” potential. Strength,grit, or survival,starting at +1 at level 1 and gradually rising to +3 at level 60.
Choose ANY other religion during the course of the game and it is immediately removed, maybe even incurring a penalty of some kind.

An endgame “weapon” that is high risk, unpredictable, unsafe and a one-shot bunkerbuster meteor that leaves a (relatively small) hole if any building is above your head when you summon it.
Run a little too slow, and you’re canned meat. Run fast enough, and you might just survive and reap the spoils of your shrewd plan.


So glad I’m not the only one who thinks it could be cool to see :smiley:


It could def be part of n very koo to have, but u know devs might stick to this sentence like crazy glue “crom comes with no benefit”

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@Derynea and @Zeb it is great to see other souls who believe that is is indeed possible for Crom to be given additional features and still remain in keeping with Conan lore. I have something which I would very much love to share with/show you both. Something which may speak to the true faithful such as yourselves. However, I have work impending. Keep your eyes on this thread later today friends…


Indeed. And while they may stick to “Crom comes with no benefit” and kinda be right if they choose to, I still don’t think it’s 100% accurate. The Gods in Hyboria and the age this all takes place in has very real Gods. Saying that Crom’s religion is the agnostic’s choice is a bit misleading, and Conan himself would call you a fool if you denied the reality of any God. So when it’s said “Crom gives his people the strength at birth to toil, fight, survive and thrive” while this is said about no other God, then it’s definately a feature that sets Crom apart from others, not the exact same as others and just higher expectations. He’s putting his people through a trial, a gift and then judges what they do with it.
Personally, I’m much more of a Erlik person myself but theres no chance at this point that his religion will be integrated :smiley: So purely out of love for the lore I champion the Crom religion here.

That, and i think it’s awesome to see the meteors come down at Ymir’s children and be clued in that it’s not just a random feature, that’s a God at work ^^


A warm greeting Derynea, and also Zeb! Before I show you what I came to, I feel it would be good manners to first address some of your insightful post.

Derynea you will hear no such nonsense from me, and I agree with you in the strongest possible terms that it is not 100% accurate. Croms benefit is the ability create our own benefits, using free will and resourcefulness he granted us. I have always firmly believed that we should have the ability to create Crom themed Weapons and Armour, Banner, and an ornament (in a similar vein to Yogs Skeletal Decoration and Sets Snake Idol). These would not be given directly by Crom himself, but built by the player with their own two hands in either the Handcrafting menu, or even for that matter the Blacksmiths Bench. Such items are not an act of worship, but a display of allegiance. Therefore, it is completely in keeping with the lore. Moreover, as you stated already, Crom IS a religion, not a lack of one.

Unfortunately, due to interweb related limitations, I was unable to ever play Age of Conan, but have spent some limited time watching friends do so. If memory serves me correctly, there was also an area named the House of Crom, which contains Atlantean temples, shrines and more, correct or no? (please tell me more about both!)

Correct again! Oh my dear Derynea, there is MORE than enough room. If anything he would see it as an act of courage and tenacity, as opposed to cowardly skulking away from it. Harvesting a fallen rock to create a benefit for ones self is not calling upon Crom, it is just using the gifts he gave us and being a survivor.

Regarding the features
It sounds like you are asking for a Passive Stats Bonus…? I will discuss the Meteor and Avatars in a seoerate post, as their are a few things which I must speak of underpinning this…


Give or take i was thinking the same thing about Crom, good ideas overall i like the way you structured everything. Before Ymir i always chose Crom, but since Ymir atleast gives me a cool nordic altar and some weapons and armor i went with him.

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The thing that occurs to me is that even if Crom gives no benefit, what about a cost instead?

No answer comes when you how at Crom’s alter, but… what about building that alter? No need for the zeal mechanics.

Alternatively there could just be a cosmetic Crom-themed Blacksmith’s bench.


Why thankyou very much for your kind words Solarius, that means a lot! I have something important which I am slowly alluding to here. If you like where this is going, then by all means stay tuned. For the moment I must retire, as it is quite late where I am.

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I like Crom i really do, but as it is right now whats the point of going with Crom, he literally gives nothing, not even a cosmetic. It’s best to choose some of the other gods, you at least get something from them, even though i rarely make an altar or said weapons, i just like to have the option available to me when i decide to use them.

The only reason to probably choose Crom is if you are RPing as a godless warrior, giving a small stat boost is a interesting idea, and taking said stat boost when a player chooses another god is also really good.

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He dwells on a great mountain. What use to call on him? Little he cares if men live or die. Better to be silent than to call his attention to you;he will send you dooms, not fortune! He is grim and loveless, but at birth he breathes power to strive and slay into a man’s soul. What else shall men ask of the gods?

he will send you dooms, not fortune!

A small increase of a purge happening maybe, if you choose Crom ?


Imagine you make a nice statue of Crom showing your affection, and he be like “Oh you have statues of me. Are you worshiping me ? SEND IN THE BEASTS !”


I’m for nothing or something. or just being bale to place a object to show proof of my love for Crom even if it did nothing. (move journal entries!!! hehehehhee)

I’m in favor of it smashing you with lighting for asking Crom for something.

OR, it keeps track your kills, in manner that if you should die(Or get knocks to below 5% health). Crom may slap a boon on you to fight harder since you amused him all this time.

User who flop to other religions basiclly drop this favor, and must regain it.


Although an interesting idea, now when i think about it, this will make Crom an active god in mortal affairs, maybe it’s going against the lore a bit.

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Crom woshipers God power is sending Purge to another player.

“Doom! to the nonbelievers!”



Another often contemplated point Abomineer, and one I have have done more times than I care to recall. Myself and other proponents such as @Sera67 believe that a lore friendly possibility again not only exists, but is actually probable. I will now discuss the prospects of a Crom Shrine.

There are numerous ways we can have a Shrine to Crom, and still be in keeping with the lore. For example, it could be simply a glorified placeable which produces NOTHING as you suggested; just sits there.

Alternatively, it could harm or kill the player. For example, placing it or pressing the interact button on it could result in the player 1) getting hit by lightning and dying 2) the player taking on a stack of noxious debuffs such as poison, bleed, sunder, etc 3) it could emit heavy corruption 4) it could result in several high tier creatures spawning in to kill the player, ie-a Purge as Zeb suggested 5) the player could simply drop dead, like we do when removing the bracelet.

ALL of these would be I) consistent with the lore, II) mean we wouldnt have to betray our alegiance to him just to complete the Journey Steps III) allow all players greater role playing freedom.

Well…there is one possibility listed above. The other will be listed below…

I will now discuss the idea of an Avatar with you Derynea. I get the impression that it is not something you personally would prefer. Which is fine, and for the record not my first choice for an additional feature. However, I want to go on the record here and point out something which other advocates such as myself and @WhatMightHaveBeen have been arguing for sometime. The in game lore illustrates that the ‘gods’ (avatars) in the Exiled Lands arent actually the real gods, but weaponised constructs created my man; impostors. Therefore, ‘Crom’ is not actually the real Crom, and hence probably wouldnt give a damn if we did pray to or call upon ‘it’. Conan himself states quote:

“…But nowhere have I seen gods as I see them in this land. These avatars that stalk and spread destruction in their wake. These are not gods. These are what men want the gods to be. Weapons”. Conan.

So there are a few possibilities to consider here. We could I) summon a Purge as Zeb and Solarius like II) summon a Meteor like you suggested III) have ‘Crom’ show up but not to help the player. No. Instead for a lore friendly approach, make him hostile towards the summoner, and maybe for that matter ALL player characters.


I really dig this idea and from my understanding of Crom it fits


So nice to see the thread so active ^^
There’s a lot i want to answer and give my input on, here goes :smiley:

Yes! The house of Crom is in essence a temple dating back from the times when the Atlanteans emigrated to Cimmeria and became Cimmerians, changing their worship from Xotli to the pantheon of Crom. Its entrance is opened by the invading Vanir to excavate for riches, and is located in the sacred area of Mound of the Dead, where chieftains and important elders from all tribes all across cimmeria are buried in their clan’s mounds. The House of Crom mainly holds atlantean influence and style of architecture, intricate stonework and art that i can only compare to some imagined real-life fusion of aztec and pictish. With a bit of googling, you can find albums of concept art from Funcom on that dungeon and also the atlantean style armors you can get from there. As for shrines however, I can’t actually remember noticing any there. It serves much more as a burial tomb for high-standing atlanteans than an actual place of worship, as i understood the place.

Yes, as i think it’s probably the most logical middleground between lore and what’s possible/acceptible for funcom to integrate gameplay-wise. They’ve been explicit before about not wanting to make racial differences in conan exiles, which i can understand - but while all the other religions give their benefits to things like healing foods, antivenoms etcetera, it’s a shame that Crom’s gift to his chosen are not looked at. And like i already said, once someone takes a second religion, the buff should be lost immediately.

About a crom religion placeable:

Firstly, i agree the religion should have a placeable of some kind, but perhaps not something like an idol. According to my own understanding of the religion at least, what Crom wants from his people is for them not to need him (kinda like me in relationships >_>). The idea of a cosmetically different blacksmith bench is an interesting idea, since Cimmerians draw paralells between their own god-given strength and their steel. A blacksmith in a cimmerian village is regarded much in the same way as a priest is in other cultures in Hyboria. This would work.
On the effects though, 1) To incur his wrath, all one has to do is worship or pray. Creating an idol to begin with dedicated only to him, might already be a failure. I could be wrong, but in my course through all of cimmeria’s regions in AOC and also the books, i can’t recall any idol or totem to Crom. This might not fit with how Funcom sees the religion and wants it portrayed.
2) Valid, disease and plague are real consequences to prayers just like the meteors that unfortunate cimmerians have experienced before.
3) Corruption is a very real “cost” on the soul,related to the use of sorcery and black magic in the world of Conan. It is a force stemming from the outer void, and exclusive to gods and practices that stem from that place, such as Set, Erlik, all forms of necromancy etc. The only link i know of between Crom and the Void is that he reaches up into it from the top of his mountain to grab meteors and hurl them at his enemies, or unfortunate worshippers. As sorcery (and thus corruption) is a hate and fear that all cimmerians share to a primal level, i have difficulty imagining that Crom would have any relation to it or use it against his people.

You’re entirely right, Conan does say this, but I can’t be sure wether or not he’s right or if this is conan judging people for “crusadery”. The lore behind True names (the tokens used to summon avatars) are true - the ultimate power that a sorcerer or priest can hold over any demon or god stemming from the void is to know their true name, enabling them to summon and give them physical form and hold power over them. This is true also outside of the exiled lands. One other thing that puzzles me is the Frost temple, a conjunction caused by pure faith where it seems according to the lorestones left by the giant-kings that simply enough people believing strongly enough, forced the actual presence of Ymir - and there’s no question it’s real, given that his actual sons (the frost giants) are walking around the place. That ofcourse can also perhaps be a manifestation of faith, but the meteors are Crom’s doing, in line with his habit of pelting things he doesnt like with meteors, and he’s chucking them at Ymir’s sons. I’m not sure that too is a manifestation of faith in the same way. It’s kinda confusing! But, the deeper i dive into it, the more i think it likely that im trying to find justifications for decisions that Funcom mainly made for game design purposes ^^
An avatar to Crom, i see as unlikely…I think Joel would veto it nomatter how much anyone justified it, and i’d probably agree with him. But there’s no doubt that some form of it is possible, though not so directly under the players control as a normal avatar is.
We can never have it exactly as we’d want it anyway, Funcom has to consider a compromise between all kinds of playstyles and a middleground between lore and gamedesign. All the more important that we put our wants and suggestions out in the forums here though, because they do really read it ^^
At the very least, cosmetics would be great for a crom religion. If nothing else, it gives bragging rights.
If possible, it’d be fitting to have a small passive buff to attributes as long as no other religion is held. And if i’d push my luck, i’d still keep a finger on a dangerous, highly volatile meteor as a form of endgame benefit to Crom, but in no way as destructive as any other avatar can be. People who want to stick with the Crom religion know what its about, and i dont think they’d ever want that kind of avar anyway, they want their cruel god and their own strength, and to show it off with pride, which i think is awesome ^^

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By the gods that sounds cool. I so wish we could somehow get an offline port of AoC to ps4. I would buy that bad boy in an instant. Thankyou for further elaborating. For the record, the reason I enquired about shrines and statues to Crom is because I noticed from a map that it has a temple district. See below.

I would very much like a couple of Crom placeables. So definately agree! It would give those among us who do want Crom features of some kind the freedom to roleplay. Other people would not be obligated to use them anymore than they would a Mitra Shrine or a Set Snake Idol. People should have the option to decide for themselves. I have a frequently used saying: “The option which presents more options is usually the better option”. I would love an Ornament or Banner of Ben Morgh ie-Croms mountain (which is sacred to Cimmerians) which we can place around our base. The mere fact that his Insignia (the one at the choose your religion screen) has survived or even exists is proof proof that he does not object to it being displayed. Because if he did object, both it and everyone/everything associated with it would have been spectacularly annihilated by him.

Although just for the record, I would like to offer a different take on one aspect. Im not sure if an idol or shrine is possible or not, but a Statue of Crom is openly worshipped openly on Ben Morgh (I can support this claim and others I am about to make with full references to the various books and comics in my thread; see next post), so we may be in luck! I do believe that a distinction should be made between prayer and worship. To some they are one and the same. But prayer is to me typically asking for something (eg-favour, aid or items), where as worship is more about venerating the god. While Crom certainly will not respond well to prayers, he does not dislike being worshipped. Crom will even accept animal sacrifice (The official gamepedias religion description of him, line 1, is: “The God who requires no worship.” But I have digressed for long enough.

For the record here, I would totally get behind the idea of a cosmetically different Blacksmiths Bench (Im sure one with a Frost Giants skull mounted on it would please him…). And even more so if it would allow us to create some Crom themed Weapons and Armour, which is my personal favourite idea for new features. Even if they were just reskins of Star Metal or Hardened Steel items. You know Derynea…I am the one who got us the Sword of Crom and Crom’s Hammer through my campaigning…!

I cant say for certain myself either here, so I shall refrain from speculating tooo much further. But it is something for us all to ponder. And it may just leave the door open enough for the future.

Now this is equally interesting. I have completed the Journey Step where we “Discover all of the Giant-King Obelisks”, but it obviously didnt register with me at the time. And who knows, the blind faith and devotion on display at the Mounds of the Dead may someday lead to some nice new Crom features one day. Well we can always hope. :pray:

Yes indeed, I agree in the strongest possible terms here. We will never get absolutely everything that we desire, and it would be kind of selfish for us to expect such. However…

THIS ^^^ ×10 for me!

Derynea I want to show you and the other faithful here what I was alluding to previously. It is not a map to buried treasure or Picassos lost artwork (sorry :man_shrugging:). But what it is, is a way to voice our support for change; whatever we desire it to be…

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An Invitation

Derynea I am the communities leading campaigner for Crom to recieve an overhaul, and compiler of facts pertaining to him. And I would very much like you to welcome you to my thread. It is the forums central and oldest hub for all things Crom related, and a ‘petition’ of sorts for change.

Derynea it sounds like you feel Crom worshippers should recieve a Passive Stats Bonus, and a Summonable Meteorite; hardly unreasonable or unrealistic expectations, or even an uncommon one. You know, I found myself in exactly the same boat as yourself regarding Crom, when I began playing, and much to my disdain at that. Expecting his religion to have some, any form of in game features. Crom is under represented in this game, having no role whatsoever beyond the character creation screen, and locking the player out of numerous Journey Steps. However, I genuinely believe that it does NOT need to be this way! I am among those who wish to see Crom be given an overhaul, and a role befitting that of the Conan universes most important and central deity. There are now a number of possible additions suggested by members such as myself and others, among the most common are a flat stats bonus mentioned by yourself, and some Crom themed weapons and armour built by the player in the Handcrafting menu (NOT by Crom). Derynea, I would like to invite you to read my thread, fully referenced with examples from Conan lore to support my case (the bolface capitalised ones), and if you would genuinely like to see Crom recieve some, any form of in game features, I encourage to to upvote the Original Post. I have made some suggestions in the original post, but these were just intended as starters. Think of it as voting for the concept of of the overhaul, as opposed to the specifics. As you wil see, the support for this movement has grown huge! Feel free to offer your own ideas too! I firmly believe that if we achieve enough support (and as you will see, we have plenty!), then Funcom will be much more likely to come to the table. Feel free to post too if you like. Heck, you can re-post your whole OP there if you like! It is factual and informative, and as you will see my thread is always unlocked.

This offer extends to all other members of the forum too. So @Zeb, @Abomineer @Jklinger and Solarius you are also most welcome to stop in However, I have only one request for all of you and others too. No matter which side of the argument you support; please…do not insult or ridicule other members who have opposing viewpoints. Treat your fellow members and their beliefs with courtesy and respect; the same way we would want them to treat our own. Friends…welcome.