Desktop connect shortcuts broken

Game mode: Online any
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: All
Region: All

steam://connect/ desktop shortcuts to any server just time out and have been broken for weeks.

  1. Make a desktop shortcut pointing to any server like steam://connect/
  2. Run it
  3. Just times out. NOT a server problem. Happens on all servers. Join Game button doesn’t work because Steam thinks that the server has timed out so it doesn’t even try.

Startup and connection times, particularly to modded servers, are very high. These shortcuts let you click and walk away while the system connects. Without them, the fastest way is to launch, wait for cinematics if not disabled, get to main screen, click Play Online, click Direct Connect, and paste in the server IP and port, and hopefully do it before the server list starts generating which lags the GUI.

It would also be nice to get some kind of progress bar indicating that something is happening during the direct connect process because at the moment it seems like it’s just frozen for several minutes and then all of a sudden, you appear in-game. The entire “connecting to servers” experience is horrible and slow and broken and could really just use some visual feedback and a fix to the desktop shortcut issue to make it a little easier to connect.

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