Developer Q/A with The Cursed Sands Server - Recap

Oh, well if we’re talking about video games…

Hey, I’m not the one calling one of the most influential science fiction properties of all time a “half baked idea”.

A Dune license is potentially a very big deal for Funcom, especially with a highly anticipated new movie adaptation by a well-regarded director set to release later this year. Are you really going to begrudge them devoting time and resources to it?


What do you define as new mechanics? The AI is being given a huge update that gives you the ability to issue a large number of different commands. If that’s not defined as “new mechanics”, I don’t know what is.

And yes, the expansion hasn’t been formally announced in the vein of a release date and what’s in it, but it has been confirmed by their CEO that it is coming and being worked on.

Truly I’m not going to change your mind, but that it is an awful lot of doom and gloom for something that is still very healthy and still being updated and worked on.


Although true, Howard was never very concerned with realism when it came to world-building. His description of the Picts was pretty much always “loincloth, warpaint, primitive paraphernalia”.

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tl;dr: Absolutely nothing of interest at all.

Repeated question asked again for several times and on good questions, FC didnt say anything.

And please, either remove the PS4 and xbox version or stop glorifying mods or shifting problems&solutions to mods.
You have a big playerbase, which cannot use them. So dont say “mods can help there”, when they simple cannot for a big part of the playerbase.

But then again, it seems the questions comes from RP-people, who use this strange sexist mod and which only works on PC anyway…

PS.: Still thanks for the nice recap :slight_smile:

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