Join us for a Q&A to celebrate The Cursed Sand's 2 Year Anniversary!

Hey all! Cursed Sands is hosting a Q&A with me, Scott Junior (Executive Producer) and Nils (Associate Producer) today at 4pm EDT/10pm CEST. Modders like Gabby from the incredible Thrall Wars mod will also be there.
We’ll be answering questions posted by the server’s players and doing some overall celebrating. Feel free to join the Discord and listen in!

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This is great, Nicole, but as soon as you join that discord you land on some drama about a stolen server rule set and people threatening each other with hellish and terrible legal actions until doomsday. Nothing against the server or the owners, just quite a unpleasant first impression. I was excited to see you guys there but I think I will pass after reading all that.

RP and PvP…

Not a good combo…