Cursed Sands 18+ <Dark RP.>

Cursed Sands is steeped in heavy roleplay, using our very own lore which we have slaved away at creating, brought to life through a number of mods (Including our own unique server mod). We have a dedicated 24/7 global admin team, and a lot of EU, AUS, and New Zealand players. With over 3,200 community members, we are one of the largest, oldest, most inclusive and beginner-friendly Conan Exiles RP servers. Our rules have been used widely over the years on other RP servers.



ERP Focused?

ERP is allowed, and the server makes use of a consent system with opting out of or fading to black any situation that one may deem uncomfortable.

Age Restrictions:


Location of Server:

New York, US

Max capacity of server:




Discord (or other) Server:

Is RP done through text or voice?


Is the server pass worded or open or is there a whitelist?


Server Settings

XP rate: 10x

Gathering Rate: 3.0x

Day/Night Ratio: .3/.2

Hunger/Thirst settings: .1

Drop Equipment on Death: No

God Avatars Enabled: No

Containers Ignore Ownership: No

The Purge Activated: No

Peak Play Times: 6 PM EST to 3 AM EST

Does the Server use Mods?


Mods List:

Savage Wilds


Improved Quality of Life

Immersive armor

Grim Productions

Slave Wars Server

RA Fantasy



Dudes Delightful Decorations

Northern Timber

Arena Pier

Devious Desires

Barbarian Barber

Cursed Sands

No Building Placement Restrictions

Unlockable Containers

Stacksize Plus

Roleplay Redux

Stylist Plus

Accessory Equipment

Indrid’s Custom Races and Classes

Server Lore:

We are a high fantasy server, using lore that we hand crafted!

The City of Spires rose from the desert sands at the center of an otherwise unremarkable Island. Its discovery attracted all races to gather and see the history of the world unfold. To find what wonders awaited within the city, learn its mysteries, and gather its treasures. Yet what was found within was nothing like the promises of the hopeful men who’d lead their people to the island. The terrors released from within are beyond the knowing of mortal man and now only those who have managed to escape its rampage remain.

When the doors opened and The Shadow came forth it shattered the island and the city within which it had been contained. The tattered remnants of the world’s people cling to the broken pieces of the island, many of its most powerful magic users sacrificing themselves to erect a barrier to keep The Shadow at bay. But the seal is imperfect and weakening. Take up your swords. Ready your magic. The Shadow seeks to consume you and all those that yet live. Fight. And live another day.

Server Ruleset:

The server uses a PvP intent system, wherein players who want to engage in PvP state their intent to do so with an emote marked with (PvP Intent). Players around them respond with join, flee, or surrender and PvP then begins and consequences are roleplayed afterward.

Building and decoration limits are imposed for server health, at 350/100 per player, cumulative for clans. We have a tradition of excellent building.

Players can be permanently killed in roleplay, but this is never done lightly. Enslavement and sexual roleplay are always based on out of character consent.