Cursed Sands 18+ US EST PVP/RP

10/28: Amazing Pippi-based economy going live tonight! We’ve put in place a lot of balances and incentives to create a real economy!

Name of Server: Cursed Sands 18+ US EST PVP/RP ■■■. Politics. War.


Age Restrictions: (18+, all ages, etc) 18+

Location of Server: (NA, EU, etc.) US/EST (Large EU Player Base)

Max capacity of server: 70 (dedicated server)

Discord (or other) Server:

Is the server pass worded or open? OPEN

Server Settings
XP rate: 2.5
Gathering Rate: 1.7
Day/Night Ratio: 1
Hunger/Thirst settings: .1 Active/1 Inactive (would love to get inactive to .1 if somebody knows how)
Drop Equipment on Death: NO
God Avatars Enabled: No
Containers Ignore Ownership: No
The Purge Activated: Yes

Peak Play Times: (This is understood to be approximate and subject to fluctuation) 5p.m.-Midnight US EST, we do have an active daytime/EU playerbase

Does the Server use Mods? Yes

If yes, Mods List:

10-24 Modlist

Is there an application to join the server? NO

Server Lore: (Heavy RE Howard Lore, Other Established Conan Lore (movies, comics, RPGs, other authors who have written Conan stories), Other Custom Lore (please describe in detail)

Typically lore is adherent to RE Howard Lore, and big server-wide storylines are based on RE Howard book lore --but we’re open to the rest of it, and there are flexible exceptions. It’s up to your character to believe somebody’s lore or not. If somebody is looking to solve ‘the riddle of steel’ you are welcome to think they are a hero, or a village idiot!

There were other associates of yours that got banned with you that I actually do like, many people found a few of them rude, and on a whole the community found the malicious attack you and them did to the community on that night alone simply unacceptable…

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