The Cursed Sands 18+ Dark RP US EST PVP/RP

Name of Server: The Cursed Sands 18+ Dark RP
The latest iteration of Cursed Sands is one steeped in heavy roleplay and RE Howard’s lore, brought to life through a number of mods(Including our unique server mod), a dedicated and professional admin team, and a strong roleplaying community. With 2,800 community members, we are one of the largest, oldest, most inclusive and beginner friendly Conan Exiles RP servers.

ERP Focused? ERP is allowed, and the server makes use of a consent system with opting out or fading to black always available.

Age Restrictions: 18+ Only.

Location of Server: New York, US

Max capacity of server: 70

Website: N/A

IP Address for Direct Connect:

Is RP done through text or voice?
Is the server pass worded or open or is there a whitelist?
Open Server
Server Settings
XP rate: 10x
Gathering Rate: 3.0x
Day/Night Ratio: .3/.2
Hunger/Thirst settings: .1
Drop Equipment on Death: No
God Avatars Enabled: No
Containers Ignore Ownership: No
The Purge Activated: No

Peak Play Times: Approximately 6 PM EST to 3 AM EST

Does the Server use Mods?
Mods List:
Exiles Extreme
Exiles Extreme Feat Blocker
Thrall wars decorations
Thrall wars Dungeon
Improved Quality of Life
Mostly Sunny
Unlock plus (With Pickup)
Dude’s Delightful Decorations
Roleplay Asthetics
Cursed Sands Mod
Is there an application to join the server?
Server Lore: Heavy RE Howard lore with inclusions made for some Conan comic material, as well as some Cthulhu mythos references where they fit in well with Howard’s lore. Supernatural characters that fit within the lore are allowed with applications.

Server Ruleset:
The server uses a PvP intent system, wherein players who want to engage in PvP state their intent to do so with an emote marked with (PvP Intent). Players around them respond with join, flee, or surrender and PvP then begins and consequences are roleplayed afterward.
Building and decoration limits are imposed for server health, at 250/75 per player, cumulative for clans.
Players can be permanently killed in roleplay, but this is never done lightly. Enslavement and sexual roleplay are always based on out of character consent.