Developer Stream Recap: August 4th, 2022

Conan Exiles Dev Stream - Update 3.0

Funcom Full Youtube Link (Starts at 12:11): 08/04/2022 - Written Summary

Important Information

The stream was 2:23:54 long. As the last 2 hour + stream I did back in June took me nearly 3 days to do working on average more then 12 hours a day, and most of the questions have been covered several times already (via the last dev stream or blog posts), I will be focusing strictly on anything that is either new, new information on previously discussed topics, subjects that I feel like need to further explained, or hasn’t been discussed in a while. If you have general questions about the update, it will most likely have been answered in one of the various applicable links below.

If people have follow up questions, I will most likely not be actively looking at the forums. If you have questions you feel I could help answer, your best bet is to reach me is on the Better Builders Bureau discord.

Here are relevant links for this stream.

Special Thanks:

Shout out to Testerle for his usual supply of the Twitch chat logs so that relevant quotes can be included in this recap.


As briefly discussed in the Testlive patch notes, access to the Bazaar and Battle Pass systems are disabled for the Testive client. There are differences in their account system in that if a player purchased something on Testlive, they wouldn’t gain access to those things later on live.

Otherwise, everything gameplay wise is available to play and test with. Players are encouraged to test things out and provide their feedback.

Release Date When? (16:36)

No release date at this time, though as the update is on Testlive, it will obviously be soon. They want to give players time to test things out, get certification with consoles squared away, and give mod creators time to update their mods (when the updated dev kit becomes available).

Battle Pass & Bazaar

Battle Pass Price (1:54:15):

The Battle Pass will be roughly $10.00 US, and adjusted from there based on region.

Challenge System Intentions With the Battle Pass (18:24):

Its not meant to be a system similar to a game like Fortnite or Call of Duty in that you start a match and get rewards based on the performance of that match. As a survival game isn’t really tracked based on performance, they didn’t want to measure things like how many kills in the past hour or resources harvested done by the player. The Challenges are aimed at things that a player would encounter normally just by playing the game like they always do.

They also help to give veteran players goals to do. For players who have been playing a long time, the Challenges can offer those players something extra to do should they choose. For those concerned with their time in the Battle Pass, as with other Battle Pass systems in other games, you have the choice of paying extra to unlock all the levels on the Battle Pass.

The system isn’t designed to be super grindy where it requires a ton of time from players to unlock levels (as seen in other games). Dennis says that nobody involved wanted it to be a system where it would require you to login every hour of every day in order to have a chance at fully unlocking all levels (looking at you, a game that shall remain nameless, but was recently released, that all but requires that level of effort). As previously mentioned, the time invested has been designed around a time investment of 1 hour of 2 sessions per week to level it fully.

Finally, anything shown on this or past streams are subject to change. Pricing or position of rewards in the Battle Pass are still being finalized. Nothing is considered final until the patch is released officially to all platforms.

Bonus Challenge EXP (43:29):

As previously discussed, players will earn 5 bonus EXP multipliers per day for challenges (currently it is a 10x multiplier). After completing those challenges, if no bonus cards remain, players may continue to do challenges indefinitely but at 1x values. Players can passively gain these cards without logging in. The max number of bonus EXP multipliers players can have is 20. That breaks down to 5 for that current day, plus 3 additional days worth of backlog EXP multipliers.

Future Chapters and Themes (22:47):

Future releases will cover other ground besides Sorcery. They aren’t able to go into details of what those might be right now. The aim is 2-3 Chapters per Age. After the Age of Sorcery and its storytelling concludes, there will be a new Age with new themes, cosmetics, and mechanical features.

Will Future Chapters or Ages Have Group Styled Map Events to Encourage Group Play or Social Engagement? (1:23:46):

Yes, though you won’t see it in the first Chapter for Age of Sorcery. Changes to the world and map will be expected as new Chapters are introduced. Though when Dennis explained this, he did not clarify if that meant group content specifically, only that the map will see changes over time (something that’s been discussed on previous streams).

Dennis said later in the stream that there are some restrictions to how they can change the map. They don’t want to destroy a players base so they can add new map content, for example. But when they do make changes, they want it to be something you haven’t seen before.

Private Servers, Single Player, and Account Unlocking (28:20):

Yes, players may unlock the Battle Pass levels on Private Servers and Single Player. They are unlocked on the players account. The Funcom Live Services (FLS for short) are the systems they use for that purpose (among other things that FLS is used for). So long as the player has an internet access to FLS, they can access the Battle Pass and Bazaar. All of the rewards are account bound, with the exception of one use items. Some of the one use items for this age are basically demo versions of the spells found in Sorcery, where the player consumes the potion and gains temporary access to the spell. The one use items are also free for anybody who unlocks that level in the Battle Pass (though subject to change).

The Challenges given to players will be based on the character they login into for the first time that day. They designed the system so that it offers Challenges based on the character and will gate harder challenges for lower level players. Those Challenges will reset every day, so the next round of Challenges will refresh to the next character login for the next day.

However, the unlocks will not be multiplatform wide. Meaning if you play on something like Playstation and PC, the content will not be accessible across both platforms and will be only unlocked on the account it was earned on. If you want something purchased in the Bazaar to be available on both PC and Playstation, you will need to purchase it separately on both accounts. A major reason for this is because they wanted it to be a simple process for players in that they didn’t want players to have to go to a website, create an account, link their credit cards, etc. They just wanted players to be able to hop on and play on the platform of their choice, and make it as simple of a process as possible.

Example of Purchasing Crom Coins and Unlocking the Battle Pass (35:20):

Dennis showed what it looks like to buy the Battle Pass and how things look when they are unlocked. For those interested, click on the above link for the full demonstration. Keep in mind that as per usual, this is subject to change (if you needed evidence of this, it was believed on various Content Creator streams that 1000 Crom Coins would = $10.00. In the below examples, you get 1,200 Crom Coins for $10.00).

So let me repeat that for people in the back, PRICING IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE AND IS NOT CONSIDERED FINAL. IT IS STILL A WORK IN PROGRESS. It will be considered final when the official patch for 3.0 launches officially on all platforms.

Icon in orange means the level has been earned, but the Battle Pass not purchased and thus cannot be claimed. Those in blue means not yet unlocked.

Battle Pass Purchase screen. Premium means 15 levels automatically unlocked.

Unlocking the Battle Pass

Rewards that have been unlocked because of the purchase.

Claim Rewards is now available.

Claiming the Reward

Shows unlocked in the “Ancestral Knowledge” tab under “Knowledge” (previously called Feats). This is where anything from earned from Battle Pass or Bazaar will be shown.

Buying Battle Pass Levels if the player wants to instantly unlock Battle Pass levels instead of earning them through challenges (not to be confused with character levels, as you cannot buy character levels).

DLC Tab. While there is a DLC tab in the Bazaar, this will interface with the platform the player is playing on. As an example, accessing this tab on Steam will take the player to the Steam store page. They will continue to be offered on the same platforms as they have been. They did originally want to roll them into the Bazaar and make them available there. But the problem becomes that they cannot easily identify what was purchased on Steam or other platform, then offer discounts or unlocks on the Bazaar. Therefore, the easiest method to address this was to keep the older DLC’s and the newer Bazaar mechanics separate.

Dynamic Discounting (47:57):

They will offer discounts on stuff previously owned. If they release something in a bundle and you already own part of the items in that bundle, the total price will be discounted based on that. There will also be times when things offered in the Bazaar that will go on sale or discounted for a period of time.

Battle Pass Items Offered in the Bazaar (56:49):

As has been discussed, the BP items will not be offered in the Bazaar at a later date. They do intend to offer variations of some of the items at a future date. Dennis made a point to say that when they offer the variation of a BP item in the Bazaar, it will not be something as simple as a “recolor” but will be changes to make it both a version of what was offered in the BP and a unique item too.

Changes to Monetization (44:29):

Gameplay mechanics will be free for everyone (building changes, Sorcery, etc). The changes to monetization is intended to be able to release more content more frequently. The ability to release free content such as Sorcery is reinforced separately with the changes to monetization in the forms of the Bazaar and Battle Pass.

Ultimately, they need to be able to pay their developers to continue to add more content and work on making the game better overall. Dennis addressed the comments often see directed at Funcom that they are “just being greedy and want more money.” He says here that it’s not that they want more money, its that they want to make the game better. To do that, they need to be able to properly fund the game and its development. At the end of the day, they want Conan Exiles to be as good as it can be and as fun and engaging as they can make it. Dennis adds (correctly) that no game developer gets into game development because they want to make money. It is not the most lucrative industry to be in as a game developer, they make games because they love doing it.

(Multigun’s Note: Game developers are infamously underpaid and overworked, often leaving the game industry after an average of 5 years for other jobs that pay more or are easier to manage, or both.)

Bazaar Themes (48:56):

While a percentage of items offered in the Bazaar will be around the current theme of the Age (Sorcery in this case), they will also offer general items that is appealing for anything.

Gifting Crom Coins or Battle Pass (1:02:38):

You will not be able to gift Crom Coins or the Battle Pass to other players.

Change the Name of the Battle Pass? (1:21:58):

They will not be changing the name of the Battle Pass. Dennis said it was a conversation they had, as he talks to Joel a lot about those types of topics. Joel said that he felt the name resonated with Conan Exiles, as there is a lot of Battle in Conan. Secondly, it helps people identify what type of system it is. If they have used a Battle Pass in another game, they are more familiar with what that means in Conan. They do want to tie their systems into the lore of Conan, but they have to strike a balance between that immersion and the general user experience.

Unlock Character Titles with the Battle Pass? (1:23:16)

Not at this time. Dennis doesn’t feel as though Character Titles fit Conan Exiles specifically. But its an ongoing conversation and may change in the future.

Other topics around the BP and Bazaar

Other things in the Battle Pass were discussed or discussed more thoroughly. But as mentioned earlier, they have been brought up in a variety of ways already. Refer to the following links for in depth information on those systems.

Illusion System

Potential Changes to the Illusion System (37:26):

There has been some confusion on what is allowed with the Illusion System, but Dennis offered some clarification points. Regardless if it shows otherwise on Testlive, the current intent is to allow any armor piece to be accessed for this system. Meaning you can make a Light Armor Piece look like a Heavy Armor Piece, as an example. They don’t see a major need to restrict the armor class, so the intent is to be more flexibile in choice. This may have been addressed differently in past streams, but Dennis’s intent from the beginning was to not have a restriction on this, and so he wanted to clarify that part of the Illusion system.

Weapons do require to be the same type, however. You cannot make a greatsword look like a spear, as an example.

Dennis noted the usual criticism to this decision, which is PvP concerns. He said that based on what has been seen in many other games that use similar systems, it doesn’t have a big impact on PvP. If anything, as he points out, it makes a player respect their opponent a bit more and to have them feel out the fight. At worse, the PvP player decides to just engage anybody regardless of how they look.

They are also thinking about taking off the restrictions that the player must know how to craft the item. A big reason for this is legendary items that are found by looting. They are still deciding on a final direction for this, so nothing is considered official on that matter.

Building Changes

Share DLC Pieces with Other Players? (59:01)

You will not be able to share DLC pieces with players who do not already own those pieces with the new system. Dennis addressed the criticism or belief that they implemented the new building system specifically and first to keep players from sharing buildings together. However, that is not the case. They wanted to improve the building system and it is a huge quality of life improvement for most players. While they realized players would lose trading aspects, they felt it was worth in what is gained with the building changes.

Ruined Styled Buildings for Future Updates or Bazaar/BP? (1:25:11):

Dennis says sure, why not. Though I wouldn’t take this as a confirmation that they are currently working on it or intend to. Dennis is meaning that he sees no reason why it couldn’t be discussed or planned should they feel its something they want to task.

What Happens to Previously Created Building Pieces Left In Inventory or Chests? (1:35:59):

Dennis couldn’t remember at the time of the stream what the final decision was for that. As he talks about in the stream, in the past he has stated that they would be converted into resources. It is otherwise to be determined or announced.

Search Bar Maybe? (1:44:21):

There will not be a search bar in the building menu at 3.0 launch. However Dennis said they will probably end up adding it in as they’ve received a lot of feedback to indicate that it is something they should probably add in.

Grass Removal on Building Placement (2:21:49):

See gif below. Enough said.

Sorcery Changes

Soul Drain Recipe (1:07:40):

Draining a Soul from an NPC will grant a Soul Essence to use for corrupting your perks. Originally the player got 1 soul per NPC, this has been changed to 5 Soul Essences per NPC, making it easier to quickly corrupt the character perks for Sorcery.

Sacrificing NPC for Blood

Create Zombie Follower

Zombie Stats? (1:25:55):

Stats of the Zombie will be based on the NPC put in. A weaker Thrall will result in a weaker Zombie, and a stronger Thrall will result in a Zombie. The perks are randomized like any other Thrall. Finally, the Zombie is instantly level 20 on creation. The length of time a Zombie will last hasn’t been finalized, but it will probably be around a couple of days so the player doesn’t have to constantly go and get new Zombies.

Witch Doctor Feat (1:13:14):

The Witch Doctor Feat has been removed. The allied Skellies that have previously been gained will remain, but no more can be made. The system is also in place so that mod creators can restore it or add to it further as they desire. They may add certain aspects of the Witch Doctor back into the Sorcery, but it has to follow the established rules of the Sorcery system.

Summon Zombies (1:16:47):

A stream first, is the Summon Zombies area effect. However, it is still a work in progress, as you will see in the timestamp above (Dennis also turned fog off to make things more visible).

Over time the flesh on the Zombies will slowly rot and decay as their timer of existence expires.

Zombies Expiring (Time is sped up for the purpose of the stream)

Herald of Xotli? (Age of Conan class) (1:20:28):

Dennis said here that players “have no idea how often that gets pitched internally.” Xotli was one of the big contenders for a new religion when they settled on Zath (for Isle of Siptah). They also have a bit of a crossover with the Dagon dungeon. But other then that, those subjects are the only thing that Dennis would discuss on the matter of Xotli.

Voice Acting Changes on Sorcery Based On Gender? (1:21:05):

Yes, the voice acting will change based on if the character casting is male or female. Its also intentional that it isn’t supposed to sound exactly like the character. The spells are ancient and demonic, and is supposed to take on that type of effect.

Teleportation Debuffs and Teleportation Stones in General (1:32:33):

As discussed before, any player can use another person or clans teleportation network. There are two debuffs that come with this though. When using a portal, a player is given a debuff (Dennis said he thinks its about 1-2 minutes long or so. However at the time of the stream, it was only around 30 seconds long, and Dennis said they would probably increase that) to prevent immediate use of another teleport. There is also another debuff where the player gains corruption based on how far they teleport. This corruption cannot be cleansed for a period of time (this can cause a character to go beyond the 50% corruption threshold as well).

Demonstrated live on stream, a player can fully corrupt their entire health and stamina (it stops at 3 health and 1 stamina) if they spam the use of teleports. While the character doesn’t die, this basically makes the character nearly impossible to use with so little health and stamina.

There is no limit to the number of teleportation pads a player can build. However, since the portal points are represented in 3D space, there will come a point at which having too many is detrimental to quickly identifying travel points. Like religious alters, players are restricted on the number of portals that can be placed near each other.

While players cannot physically take their friends along with them, any player can choose to enter a portal at the cost of the previous mentioned debuffs. The one exception would be the Co-Op tether limits. Followers will also teleport with the player.

Reset Corrupted Perks (1:40:01):

As has been discussed, you will need a potion to completely wipe out any corrupted perks. One interesting tidbit of information here is that Dennis said he originally planned on having a cleansing ritual involved. But he decided this would be harmful to player gameplay and decided against it.

Level Requirement for Sorcery? (1:56:21):

Technically, no. If a player came in at level 1 and their friend had all the available resources on hand, the player could learn it starting at level 1.

Magma Wall Spell (2:18:05):

The Magma Wall Spell is not intended to be an offensive spell. It either does no damage, or very little damage to make it clear it is not meant for that use. The important part here is that Dennis said that what is seen on Testlive will be what comes out with 3.0 with this spell, however in the coming Chapters it will see some additional updates.


Modding Battle Pass Challenges (55:17):

While modding remains accessible and unchanged, mod creators will not be able to access the Battle Pass system or Challenges themselves.

Will Builidng Mods Need Updated to be Able to Use the Building Hammer? (1:49:26):

Yes. However the system was designed with mod creators in mind and so it should be fairly easy to do so.

Illusion System Work WIth Mods? (1:53:58):



Wipes for 3.0 (35:04)

No server wipes for 3.0

Harvest Rates on Official Servers and Tier 2 Buildings (54:18):

Dennis said that they will “probably” change the harvest rates on PvP servers. As for building health, the previously discussed changes to the Tier 2 buildings has been reverted back to the current amounts. They want to see how the harvest rates impact things before deciding on further changes or value to Tier 2.

PvP Concerns and Sorcery. How will Sorcery Affect PvP? (2:01:57):

PvP players with these concerns really should take the time to click on the timestamp and listen to Dennis and Andy talk about it. But to summarize, there are a few specifics to point out.

  • The Sorcery system has a lot of counter elements. For example, the bat demon. The player has to be VERY corrupted to summon a bat demon, for example. And the player cannot give the bat demon to another player. The Bat Demon cannot fly forever, and can be shot down instantly by a single arrow.

  • Sorcery is not designed to be a walking nuke factory. The player cannot go into a base and instantly nuke the whole place. Its about utility, control, and mobility.

  • They know the meta is going to change, but as Dennis correctly points out, changing things up is a good thing. You don’t want PvP to always remain the same. While yes, there are things PvPers understandably have concerns or complaints about, fixing those will just reveal new things to be concerned about or complained about. They cannot 100% predict what the meta will be, but as game designers they can help plan for it or try to predict what will happen to avoid ruining the game.

Things will ultimately be different, embrace it for what it is, and have fun with it. Whatever the new meta becomes, it wont be the meta forever. That is the nature of games that receive on going updates.

Health Bars (2:05:22):

Health bars are being fixed in 3.0. Health bars are not always visible all the time. Geometry and buildings will hide health bars. Additional information on this can be found in the previous dev stream summary.

Developer Stream Recap: June 21st, 2022

General Subjects

Console Stability and Game Stability (1:03:00):

Dennis said that an “absurd” amount of effort went into the 3.0 patch, and optimizations was a part of that throughout its development. It is normal that stability of the game will continue to improve after every major update.

Thrall Nerfs to Existing Thralls or Only New Ones? Thrall Changes in General as Well (1:03:22):

Both new and old thralls will receive the appropriate balancing. Dennis said that he believes that the server checks the stats on Thralls on start up. As far the nerf itself, Dennis said that the Authority Attribute line will restore most or all of the damage back that was taken away from Thralls in the 3.0 update.

Dennis also stated that the changes in 3.0 has made it so that Archer thralls will be almost as good as Melee thralls in melee, and Melee thralls almost as good as Archer thralls in Archery. So while they serve best in their roles intended rolls, they aren’t completely useless when switching weapons in the heat of battle.

Changes or Plans to Player Interaction with UI Elements. Diegetic Interface Strategies: (1:37:02):

Dennis talks about that many things they will be doing going forward in Exiles is to make the experience of interreacting with things more environmental or interacting with things in the world. The term is known as Diegetic Interface. There are cases where they have to use the existing User Interface, but they are trying to avoid using that as much as possible.

Keyboard Support for Consoles? (1:47:04):

Not on Dennis’s radar, and he hasn’t looked into it. Andy thought there might be some publisher (Microsoft/Sony) restrictions there as well, but he wasn’t positive.

Behind the Scenes (1:50:16):

Andy says he is working on a little video for a behind the scenes look at the art process. So for those that are interested, stay tuned for that. He mentions a lot of inspiration has been drawn from Age of Conan, Acheronian descriptions in the books, and Mayan and Aztec real world architecture ruins. The two biggest societies in Conan lore that they could use Sorcery with were Acheronian and Stygia. As there were a lot of Acheronian things in the Exile Lands already, that made it an easy tie in.

Clan Ally System? (1:55:48):

Dennis has thought about things like this before. With that in mind, they do not have any plans for it right now.

Can Server Admins Turn Off Event System? Can They Enable Map Icons for the Events? (1:58:46):

Server Admins will be able to turn off the Event System entirely if they so choose. For example, if they are playing a custom or heavily modded server and wouldn’t want the events to interfere with that. The Events are preplaced, and are not random. A Content Designer goes in and places the Events by hand.

Map Icons for the Events are disabled. Dennis is unsure where the status is on that if it can be turned on by Server Admins within simple means, if it can be modded back in, or if its just completely disabled.

Rework Chat Box/ System (1:59:54):

Dennis says this is on his list. In the same context in terms of promoting a greater sense of community, they are planning on turning the player list back on. He acknowledges the PvP crowd, but he also recognizes this is a really big hindrance to people playing as they have no clue whose out there. The invisible player list encourages people to be silent rather then engage. To circle back to improving the chat box, this falls into the goal of helping people play with others and making the community stronger.

Another point on this subject is proximity chat. Dennis used this as another example of helping community health and it is a system they could look into in the future.

Locomotion Changes (2:15:13):

As discussed in past streams, some locomotion changes have been done. Less hunched over and more standing up right. A quick example shown on stream was with the 2 handed great sword.

Increase Server Cap (2:01:13):

While server populations do not have to be forced at 40 (as private server owners are aware), the performance concerns really starts to tank the higher the player population is. Dennis said that they got close to 100 players on at one time when the game was first made, but the game did not perform well under those conditions.

Any Plans for More Streams Before 3.0 Officially Launches? (2:07:47):

No, but subject to change.

Any Future Twitch Drop Events? (2:19:50):

Andy says that they would love to do it, but is unsure of their current plans for that.


Reserved for any future edits.


As always, thank you for all the effort and the superb results of that effort. :saluting_face:

I haven’t read everything yet, but I came to this and got discouraged and depressed:

Why? Just why? I mean, I understand the goal of improving the building system and I agree with it and support it fully. But all they would have to leave in place from the old system in order to let use continue to trade is:

  • the ability to pick up placed pieces into the inventory
  • the ability to place a piece from the inventory in the “old-fashioned” way

And yeah, I understand that it’s probably a redesign from scratch of the building system and it would’ve been more complicated to preserve certain legacy aspects, but still, a lot of people actually trade DLC decorations and even building pieces. It’s not really a QOL improvement when you screw up a really important aspect of the game to make that improvement.


Throes can still be traded, they are in the artisan bench. Building pieces are not traceable anymore though.


If I were to hazard a guess, it could be that they are divorcing building pieces from the itemtable. Once the devkit is out we’ll have a better insight to the mechanical nature of it.


Well, that’s a relief at least. People do trade building pieces too, but placeables are more popular. At least, based on my own anecdata.

I figured, but that doesn’t make me feel any better. The upcoming BP and BLB are an opportunity for people to trade more than they used to, not less.

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Regardless of whether it was their intent or not, tradeable items do not give the house a cut of the transaction.
While it may not be the primary motivation, it is a way of securing (significant amounts of) paid content to the purchaser only. This one would be very (pleasantly) surprised if that is changed.

In short, locking premium building options to paying customers is a feature, not a bug.

Also, gratitude to @Multigun for compiling and summarizing the stream and @AndyB for pinioning the topic.

A significant amount of this information is not unwelcome at all. Perhaps not every little detail as this one would prefer, but still mostly positive and extremely good to know.

Gonna miss my Witch Doctor feat.
But understandable given the overhaul.


A million thanks Multisupergun!!!
In a planet that counts billions of people, if we had a thousand like you this world would be better!
I will drink my coffee now and enjoy reading!
@AndyB and @den thank you once again! I am really sorry I created a sad emoji on your thread, looking forward to be more on topic next time. You are in my heart guys and if you’re sad I am sad too.
Sorry once again.
Now, coffee and read, see you soon :wink:

“Multigun’s Note: Game developers are infamously underpaid and overworked, often leaving the game industry after an average of 5 years for other jobs that pay more or are easier to manage, or both.”

The most beautiful part in these cases is that the employees feel like a family, I am gamer since 1984. It is the very first time that I felt so many things for a game and all the creators, they are all heroes and exceptional people and I thank them from the bottom of my heart, really!!!

Edit 2

It’s on them, I would love to see them streaming every single week! It would be another daddys time :joy:.
All I wish is people to love and support the game because these people deserve it above all!!!


Thanks Multigun. This was very appreciated. I am not sure how you got this out so quickly. Amazing work as always. I see what I missed during various “distractions” when I was listening while working. Work always wins.


In my case was the pediatrician!!!
Yes… Whenever I have plans for me something will always happen :person_facepalming:t3:… Thank God we have the recaps!!!

Do they have any plans on increasing the harvest rate for PVE or PVEC?

Q1: Will the deco “Paved Stone Walkway” work this way as well?
The reason is - on some servers with building pieces limits (i.e. - 8k on ours), this forces you to “concrete out” the terrain of a town/village only to get rid of those high grass. If the pavements would have the same functionality - it would allow for a more “organic-looking” base, with pathways made to resemble the ground more. (without the look of being some Acheronian ruins dumped some 3000 years ago…)

@den Would it be possible to have either only those already present items, or some future add-on style still be considered “deco” but function as “grass-blockers”?

Q2: Will the themes be based only on new or “core game” styles - or can we expect some new architecture & deco expanding on i.e. the old (Turanian, Khitan, Aquilonian etc.) ones as well?

Q3: Not really “gifting”, but what about the “multitoonoholics” (people who like to create a distinctive toon for a theme and roll on with the fantasy, instead of having a “trader/archer/lord/servant/sorcered/acrobat” on one character?

Currently, the work around was to use Steam Family Sharing to be able to play i.e. 2 characters and have access to all the DLCs after paying once. Seeing as you can still have only 1 person play on such “shared account” at a time anyway - would it be possible to have the bazaar/battlepass unlocks carry over within one “family”/player accounts?

If not - would it be possible to implement (possibly paid) option, ot “buy” more character slots per server as account unlocks, so as to not be forced to paid twice or thrice for the same content? (I assume being in one clan with the alts won’t make it possible for them to use, i.e., BP/Bazaar armor or building pieces put into chests, right?)

My dear Multi yesterday I tried to find your discord page but I failed. My daughter is better in these and she told me that it would be easier if I had the link!
So, if you think a person like me is worthy or useful in your discord feel free to link the page!
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Ohh boy…
Im actually surprised how much time You sacrifice to do this, thank You a lot. I appreciate it even if I don’t agree with You in many topics.


Did I miss something or nothing been said about server transfers?

Edit: And of course thanks a ton for your effort and time doing those recaps.

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Multigun youre a goat sir. Unsure if its a two headed one or the greatest of all time variety! Ill let you decide.

Quasi related, maybe i missed it, but will you be able to bring thralls who are unconscious and bound on a rope through the teleport pads with you?

Ya, based on a test somebody on my discord did. I tested a few placeables and they worked too. No idea if all of them work.

Kinda weird that the server allows far more performance hogs in a street placeable then buildings, but whatever works for them I guess.

Can’t say for sure, but the first Bazaar pass in terms of new building packs is in Sandstone form. So, maybe?

Dunno, should be able to have somebody test that on Testlive though.

They didn’t say. The last couple of dev streams was specifically about PvP in regards to this topic. Knowing the dev team, its probably something they are always evaluating and analyzing.

I would die lol. It takes me a good 2-3 days these days to recover after a recap marathon, and this one “only” took me 9 hours.

Every detail would have required me to do this for another 2-3 days total like the last one did. I really didn’t feel like retyping out things that have already been discussed in several formats already by now. Problem is that these summaries are getting harder and harder for me to do as my health continues to become more challenging, and they become less rewarding to do for a variety of factors that I don’t need to get into here.


Streaming every week, would be overkill and also waste of time and resources on Funcom side. It’s a lot of work prepping for a typical dev stream.

Having a dev stream a bit more often would be a good idea, although I guess with chapters starting every quarter, I am assuming that they will have at least one every quarter now.

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