Developer Stream Recap: October 23rd, 2020

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Thanks for the kind words of support Hel. Are you a console man yourself? Many of our PC community dont realise just how bad it has become on consoles. We have no filter or search functions for the Handcrafting menu on consoles, and it is becoming extrordinarily cluttered. Worse again if we own all the DLCs and/or use Fragments or Tablets to unlock all the Feats.

That would really ease some of the burden on us.


Hey, I play on PC, and I don’t even want to know how bad it’s on consoles because it’s so bad on PC that I think we really, really need a proper way to organize our handcrafting menu.

The filters are… not really useful. The Search function works, but it’s still less than ideal for any sort of building that requires multiple pieces.


I’d love to see a builder’s bench. It’s really, really, really boring to wait for hundreds of wedges or walls to finish crafting in your inventory, and you can’t really do much else while that’s happening.

I understand that T1 pieces should be handcrafted, because that’s the easiest way for new characters to build their first base, but there’s really nothing stopping Funcom from putting the same recipe in the inventory and in a crafting station.


I have been known to make sure the character is topped up on food/water and then just go have a shower or get on with doing something else… So I guess I’m also saying a builder’s bench would be great :wink:

A recent video from Wak featured some speculation along those lines based on un-implemented stuff he found in the devkit (specifically something labelled ‘mason thrall’). Clearly it’s no guarantee of anything (I’m sure the devkit probably also features references to the Mummy of the Ring…) - or even that a builder’s bench is the only possible interpretation that could be made - but maybe it’s a glint of something on the distant horizon :slight_smile:


Folks I would completely support a Building Bench. This would mean that the pieces could construct themselves while I go out gathering and adventuring without fear of overencumberance. Come home and its ready to install. So it also helps with efficiency too. Although so as not to gimp new players, we may need to either I) leave the T1 sets in the Handcrafting menu, or II) have the building bench available right off the bat in the Handcrafting menu and make it cheap and easy to build.

@Community in the meantime, building bench or not, I would like to leave you all with a humble request before I head out. Could we PLEASE move some of the most often used item tiles in the Handcrafting menu to the top rows, like the Twine and Silk tiles before them? For example; Bedrolls, Rawhide Bedrolls, Campfires, Torches. We use and create these items way more than twine and silk, and this would really ease the frustration while we wait. Plus we are currently tinkering with menu interfaces, so as the sayings go “when in Rome…” and “strike while the iron is hot”.


So were the Survival changes not discussed in the Dev Stream folks…?

“Mason_Thrall” has been in the dev kit for years. And there are several thrall professions that were added to an inaccessible array for us modders specifically so we could have more flexibility in creating new thrall types.

I don’t know what video you refer to, it is however understandable that Wak wasn’t aware of the specific real purpose.

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No. If it was, it would be in the summary.


No. Not that I recall. I wish they would stop tinkering with the perks and do a full revamp. Several of them are straight up useless. Perks should define your character and, via selection, fundamentally change how your character plays. They should not be providing incremental bonuses to statistics or generating effects that can also be acquired through equipment.

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seems that we’re going to need to tame MORE thralls for our benches, if on officials takes months to get the thrall you want, with the new patch well take far more.

Ah, that makes sense, thanks :slight_smile: I wondered if it might be something like that when I recognised the ‘Torchlighter’ Wak found as using the same icon that Testerle uses for ‘Lamplighters’. (Wak was very clear it was all speculative - I rather enjoy his speculative videos, it can be fun to make semi-educated guesses about possible future directions the game may take :slight_smile: ).

(On a side note, I love that Funcom includes stuff in the devkit explicitly for modders - even more than the mod tab in main menu, that really shows their commitment to an element I believe adds a huge amount to games - IMO the job of devs is to make the game as good as possible for as broad a section of the player base as possible (which by definition means it’s unlikely to be perfect for many); mods then allow a much greater degree of flexibility for those that want those elements to ‘perfect’ the game experience for them. That said, I do hope that some of the more popular/widely enjoyed mod elements may one day make their way to console, since console players do not otherwise get the same benefits of personal tailoring that we get on PC.)


I fundamentally agree helium3. And sadly you are correct in that many perks are now simply a consequence of the number of points invested as opposed to distinct goals while levelling or a strategic decision made prior to venturing out designed to aid players. Perks should not be underwhelming or inconsequential, instead they should offer unique advantages, abilities and rewards. They should also encourage players to experiment with and utilise an array of different builds, roles and tactics. The silence on this change and the distinct lack of a sound rationale for the change says a lot. I am sorry but to me the ‘Waste Not’ perk sounds even less appealing than Raw and Bloody, made ‘Survival’ even more unattractive than it already is as an Attribute and pushed grind rates higher.

I agree with you that the Perks should either be left alone, or fully revamped. Funcom I respectfully request that you all seriously reconsider this change.


respecfully well put, i mean they can take a little inspiration on path of exiles, even tho that is taking it to the other extreme, but you know, i just say “inspiration”

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Rrrrr forums make up smalll section of population… and Devs like to take stuff thats working…and “fix-adjust” it again. It was working… why touch it. XD

Its hard to give full-proper criticism when a change is baffling and just out right…WTF!!!
When I see the QQ posts… I don’t feel bad for alot of them. I’m in same boat sometimes. I don’t wanna baby sit crafting stations…
I spent years slowly getting my home set up, and now gonna have redo it again in 2021 when i get said update.
I just wanna return home… put stuff in storage, set up crafting thralls and head back out. I don’t wanna linger near my fish traps. -_-’

Then again, as console player, my feed back feels pointless… will get this update long after other updates. Knowing full well they will never go back to adjust it. I think alot of player post there fusrations cause there so far behind, and can only read other peoples dislike of changes.

Added crafting stations bugs me… Console player already have issues with to many objects, and fix to crafting menus is to add more objects? What…
Why not a filter? Why not new crafting menu to deselect building objects, Why not get search to work on consoles…
Looking at pics, they look nice, many of them look better then default old ones.
Dyes not being on cauldron, I can live with. Shadespice ones to?

The epic/flawless change… I wear armors mostly for cosmetics. (light armor mostly) Alot of mid armor are… just bleh. I’ll wear set of heavy for a few bosses. I wear Khitan(cold)/Aqu(else were) light armor till lv60… epic/flawless was good chunk of extra defense. It’ll be gone in few months.
Another change I don’t see a reason for… t4 only now?

I need finish reading recap and go over more threads. I’m mostly shaking my head to some of changes. But what does it matter… I wont get to mess with any of it for months and my opinion wont matter by time I get it. =/


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