Diagonal support beams support value changed - Lost maproom, yog altar and flooring after latest update

I’m not sure what happened but checking with a repair hammer, diagonal support beams in my tower no longer provide any support and I lost a lot of items.

On PC, official server 1729, been playing there since release.

I have a fairly tall circular tower where I had to use diagonal support beams to spread stability to adjacent tiles to build flooring to the middle on the top floors.

It all worked, I placed a fully upgraded Yog altar on one floor, then a maproom on the floor above.

Was fine last night (May 24). I logged out at my base.
Log in this morning and the Yog altar is gone, the maproom is gone, and the middle section of flooring is gone, and the diagonal support beams no longer appear to be providing any support.

That equals a huge amount of time lost as I’m a solo player. Not to mention I have zero faith in building anything like this again so what’s the point of playing?

Should I expect anything can be done about this?

Hey there, got the same issue, it seems the support beams loose their attachments after a server reboot. Hopefully this will get fixed soon… tired of having to rebuild stuff…

I too experienced this today and … I think it’s time to take a break from this game and let them fix it. I had a wheel of pain on the roof of my map room I supported with the diagonal beams that went boom today as I logged in. Lost a few named thralls.


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