Diconnected from server and we can't reconnect but server continue alive

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Crash
Server type: PvP
Region: EU

Friday night (2am on Paris timezone) we was playing (building) on server 1060 and we gone disconnected. After this, server ws online but we can’t connect, always we had timeout along 2 hours.

We lose a lot of reinforcement and hardned bricks, and shaped wood, hundreds of each one because next day, after reset hungry kill us.

not is first time of this error and we have suffered this crash 3 times this january on diferents servers.

@Ignasi this error is fixed on today patch?


Hey @Fastorro

Yesterday’s hot-fix aimed to correct many server crashes and exploits reported in our servers. Please report back to us if the situation regarding your server’s stability hasn’t improved -or also if it has, we do like to know also when our work is appreciated! :smiley:

We report 1060 server ofc.

And yesterday server 1200 other fall and we can not reconnect…

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Thank you, our team is looking into it.

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