Did Funcom just prank the entire conspiracy population?

So I’ve been reading up on this voicemail conspiracy that’s been going around Facebook and Twitter. Basically, some random guy got a voicemail involving coordinates and an encoded message left on his voicemail. When translated, it gives coordinates to an area in the Congo and roughly translates into, SOS evacuate SOS they are not human SOS. Someone else found the date, 4 apr 18.
As soon as I heard the date, I made the connection. Is Funcom pranking the entire conspiracy community? People are going nuts over this.
Your thoughts.


FunCom speaks truth to power. You only think they produce games and concoct pranks because that’s what ‘they’ want you to think!


If thats true my first thought is that somebody in Funcom’s marketing department deserves a raise.


Got a link to it? [15 characters minimum bla bla blub]

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Not sure what qualifies as reputable or reliable in this area :joy:, but this is what I saw

edit: whoops wrong link. Also details in these stories appear to be changing frequently…

Saw that from posts on Imgur, people mostly debunked it as faked due to coordinates not being real / off.
Here’s one of the links: Imgur r/ Conspiracy

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I hope its true, and world starts to burn.