Disappearing thralls when dragging back to the wheel

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Have been playing in PVE for quite some time. Had multiple issues with thrall gathering when the rope/bindings wear out or break. Stop to change over to new rope/binding & the moment you try to latch on again, the thrall vanishes into thin air right before your eyes. Have lost too many like this…this is obviously a bug right ???

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.club thrall, attach rope & drag
2. Stop half way to destination, detach rope
3. Equip new rope & attempt to attach
4. Thrall gone


Hi, it did hapen to us also but we found a way not sure it works at 100%:
look on the map exactly where you are when you loose npc, then run away like 200/300 metres from it then come back to the point, this did work also when we couldn’t find our on body, this works at most but again not always.

Also i had a case when the thrall vanished and got lost when i stopped to get my torch up for a couple of seconds it got totaly lost and even better not spawning again at his current location until server restart…

This bug is super annoying…

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You’re right & I had done this before (through anger…going & laying waste to everyone & everythig in sight, then returned & npc was there…however…when I returned to house it disappeared again & never seen again…extremely annoying, especially when named & arcg/high priests can be hard to find :frowning:
Thanks for the reply by the way :wink:

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yep…a gross understatement !!

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