Thralls in tow keep disappearing

Multiple times now I have had thralls that I am towing behind me disappear. I don’t know what causes it–it can happy anytime for whatever reason.

The last one vanished two days ago as I was towing it home. I was lower level, so I only had fiber bindings at my disposal. The fiber binding broke, so I stopped to switch to a new one (I had neglected to carry any grass fibers with me). As soon as I rebound the thrall with the new bindings, it vanished completely. The thrall that disappeared before that vanished when I accidentally got too close to the water and started to swim. I’ve done that before and the thrall will usually be back on the beach, but this time it was nowhere in sight. All of my other thrall disappearances have been similar.

This is fairly disappointing, but is there something I’m doing wrong? If you have received reports of this happening already, I apologize. But I have friends who play on the same platform and they’ve been having this happen to them too, so I wanted to make sure the studio was aware of it. I’ve looked over the patch notes and the known bugs post, but thralls in tow disappearing wasn’t mentioned. (Unless I looked over it, in which case I apologize again.)

I hope this gets resolved in the next update. The first thrall I mentioned was a T3 alchemist. It hurt. That being said, I still really love the game. Thank you for your time.

BTW, I’m on an official PVP server, #3550

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Region: [North America]

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