Disconnection Spurts are breaking the game

Basic Info:
Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Other
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: 1502
Mods: none

Bug Description:

I game on a very stable business (not residential) internet connection. My normal ping to 1502 is around 20-30. My OS is Windows 10 and my PC is a monster. I can run everything on ultra at 2K resolution (2560x1440) with ease.

The Issue:
At about 9:50 AM EST (server 1502) on April 17, while encountering a bunch of spiders in the “Executioner’s Entrance” cave (and eventually a 3 skull boss as well) I disconnected to main menu. I immediately reconnected to 1502 only to be kicked again after 10-30 seconds of game play. This happened about 6-12 times, and then stopped after I finally managed to flee the caves (although I did lose my first ever pet, not cool). My ping to 1502 was 50-60 during this time and there were only 4 or 5 others online.

This is not the first time this has happened. There are some calling cards though.
The first and most important is that the disconnects happen to specific players on a server, not all, and they tend to happen in spurts (several in a short time frame to the same player).

They also frequently involve one or more of the following: a follower, encountering/fighting multiple enemies, and caves.

About 1/4 of these disconnect spurts (I.E., not one specific disconnect, but a group of disconnects happening to one player) give me brief popup messages, such as “no internet/check your connection/etc.” but those are clearly faulty as I immediately reconnect and my actual internet connection is stable. Another message I sometimes get is “kicked by BattleEye. client not responding”.

Final thoughts:
As a player who just started Conan Exiles a few weeks ago, I immediately fell in love with the game and was planning on buying all the DLC eventually, but when I have to leave all my good gear at home when I go adventuring because I’m afraid I’ll disconnect during a fight and lose it all, then, I mean… It makes it really hard to play when you can’t use the stuff you work hard to get, you know? What I’m trying to say that this is officially a game-breaking bug. All of you at Funcom–literally all of you–should probably stop what you’re doing and focus on this alone, 100%. Staff who don’t have the expertise to work on this need to get coffee for those who do. All hands on deck. It’s that bad.

I’m an IT professional (programmer, actually) in my 40s and not prone to hyperbole. I’m legitimately trying to let you know how much this bug is undermining the game. Other bugs we can work around, but disconnecting during combat, dying, losing a thrall, and then being unable to retrieve your corpse and gear–again, due to disconnects–before the corpse timer expires is something many players will only endure once or twice before they write off the game. Thanks for reading.



Now imagine this happening while fighting another clan.



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I put the post in to show the problem is not platform specific :upside_down_face:

This has been going on since the Feb Patch. The game is literally broken and Funcom is not going to fix it. Short answer is private servers are significantly more stable and the disconnects are minimal. Funcom is trying to kill their public servers so they can move on IMO.


That’s an interesting point. Why do they even run “official” servers? Does Minecraft? Maybe they just need to be a LOT more strict on such heavily congested servers.

Happens on Xbox, PlayStation and PC.

Executioners Cave is one of the worst areas for the lost connection issue, it was my thrall training ground, haven’t been there for months as i had exactly the same experience on Xbox Series X and One X.

As a new player you would be advised to NOT drink a yellow lotus potion.

If you are new to the game… boy do I have bad news for you! As you’ve noticed, the game is easy to fall in love with, but Funcom is not a worthy steward of such a game. Breaking the game is what they do, they may fix this (although they’ve been nearly silent on it for over 2 months now), but you can bet they will keep breaking other things and just generally trashing your gameplay experience.

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The actual or better: the general situation in this game👍

This! ^^^^

I’ve put a little over 3.5k hours in this game, bought 98% of the DLCs and I can’t even play the game properly. I’m off to play another game until either the Bizaare pieces for building (The Stormgalss stuff) that I want is available or the game is fixed concerning the OP topic.Get it together Funcom. This is a wake up call!


Unfortunaly thats not true, we have massive problems with our private server and disconnects mainly in fights with many NPCs. We have even server shutdowns with these and a massive player loss.
Its really frustrating at the moment and I am lost.

Yeah? Thats odd. I have 3 private servers running and although there are disconnects, they are very few and far between. On officials, I can reproduce the disconnects at will. Here is the question. Who is hosting your private server? Gportal? Mine is hosted in house on a dell poweredge host with each server having 8 core 16 gb of memory. Is yours hosted by a company?

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