Dismanteling bench and items not breaking down

Some items made or found in the world wont dismantel
I found out that the legendary The Wyrd doesnt break down

When i have found more i’ll update this post

actually i wish none of the legendarys broke down. i’m always accidentally stuffing in my lovetap or something and spazzing out.

I think you will find none of the DLC items will be dismantled… acknowledged by Ignasis … I think it’s in the “thanks, the team will be informed about that” stage of investigation/fix.

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It’s more in the “we’re aware of it and we’ll look into it” phase right now. :wink:


I wanted to add that the Ymir armor set does not break down in the subject bench. I noticed stone throwing spears also did not break down (this may be intended).


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I am not sure but throwing spears and axes are considered ammo like arrows so would fall under that category.

No dlc armour or weapons can be dismantled either…

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I wanted to add that the “pirate” peg leg, eye patch, and hooks that are dropped from the Black Hand do not work in the bench.

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