DLC armor with illusion and dye disappears on server reset leaving character naked

Basic Info:

Platform: Xbox Series X
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE-Conflict
Map: Isle of Siptah
Server Name: Official server #7022 PvE conflict g-portal.com revision 483-260/36864

Bug Description:

This has happened twice now. I’ve created a set of heavy guardian armor, it might be from The DLC debaucheries of Derketo. I then I then put the noble skirt and noble chest piece illusion on as well as bejeweled head racer and anklets also from that same DLC then I die each piece. Everything looks great and I use it for the day. When I log out and then back on after the server reboot my character has no armor. There is nothing in the server log saying that it decayed or disappeared. My thralls are equipped with similar pieces that are treated the same way died in illusion, but those remain without a problem. Please help I’m tired of waking up naked everyday with my thralls staring at me like I’m just a piece of meat lol. I’m going to craft another set of armor and do the same thing but I’m going to put it in inventory before the server reboot just to see what happens

Bug Reproduction:

See the bug description I entered a lot of detail there I’ve done it twice now and I’m about to do it a third time same steps. Create the armor, put illusions on it, died the armor Derketo DLC information you filled out should now be listed below. :point_down:
Please copy this info and paste it into a new report. Thank you!

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I would recommend putting in a chest before logging out
My wife and I both play with Illusioned armor since available have not lost anything we are on PS5. Have not tried on guardian armor. @DeathsHerald666

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Oh good… it’s not just me! I just reported this too

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