Xbox: Mitra Altar, other items (Siptah armor) invisible

Game mode: [ ( Online private)]
Type of issue: [Bug ]
Server type: [ PvE ]
Region: [ North America ]
Hardware: [ Xbox Series S ]

Bug Description:

Siptah Gear (armor) all are invisible .
Mitra Altar - Mitra is invisible

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Equip any Isle of Siptah armor (Jhil’s gloves for an example)
  2. Mitra is invisible after placement. The altar is visible and the statue of Mitra is invisible.
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Hello there @Helenna_Rose,

Thank you for reporting this situation with both Spitah gear and the Mitra altar being invisible.

We are currently looking into this.

To add to this bug report, DLC armor appears to have the same bug. Turanian Scout armor makes me look like a head and a pair of hands.

Update: Decided to run some tests, regular light armor appears just fine the base game set. At this point I decided to just nab a chest piece from each set and see what flies. Aquilonian, Khitan and Pictish seem to render just fine. All the other DLC sets do not load and worse make me appear as various configurations of a head with floating hands. lol

Further Update: Seems the Exiles aren’t the only ones excited about Sorcery. Was just attacked by an invisible gator. After a few good whacks with a stick he appeared. Gator Sorcerers mang, this game is WILD!


The skelos cultist armour is invisible too.

Along with some building parts either took ages to load in or didn’t at all.

Can’t purchase crom coins either.

Even on Exiles Lands all sorcerer thralls are now invisible and seems my pickaxe and blessed yog cleaver goes invisible and back again. Lots more lag issues, game crashed again, and sucks all my thralls lost half their hp!

5 min later: Got back on and my white rhino died lost everything on him! Plus the priest I was dragging. I’m so sick of getting disconnected because I’m near someone’s base! Last time I lagged off a cliff and died. Ridiculous there are bases everywhere on official servers, you can’t avoid them it’s inevitable you’ll crash everytime your near a big base.

5 min later: Crashed again dragging a priest. Got back to the wheel of pain and crashed before he got put in! Done with this game for a few days till they fix it.


Will add. My trousers and serpent man boots have just rendered in. I think it’s going to take a good minute to sync everything together

Aaaaand they’re gone again :joy:

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