Invisibility issues on armor, weapons, buildings, and NPCs

Basic Info:

Platform: Playstation 4/PlayStation 5
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Single Player
Server Type: PvE
Server Name: N/A

Bug Description:

DLC specific armors, DLC structures, some non-DLC structures, enemies, and weapons are appearing invisible when placed or equipped. Armors like the Poitain Footman Chestplate will make the entire body disappear in both the character you interact with and the menu character. Weapons will disappear after using the construction hammer, and structures like the ladder appear invisible and cannot be interacted with unless you wish to move or destroy it, but it still blocks movement as if the hit boxes are still there. Enemies will be invisible like the crocodile and hyena, but they will still agro on player, cause damage, and the player can still attack such enemies and do damage: the health bar of the enemies are still visible. All these invisibility issues occurred after the Age of Sorcery update and is seen in single player, coop, and official servers, in normal, creative, and admin modes.

Bug Reproduction:

Replication of these bugs don’t require special steps. Just craft/spawn DLC armors and equip to see the invisibility bug. Weapons disappear after using the construction hammer to place an object in the world and pressing circle to exit the building mode. Objects like the ladder just need to be placed into the world to be invisible and nonfunctional, enemies are invisible at random, but the hyenas by the large tree past the yog trainer and there is an aligator consistently invisible near the river where a group of alligators attack an exile camp near the fallen bridge.


Greetings ChaoticVampire!
Thank you for reporting this issue regarding the invisible DLC items and structures.

Our team is already investigating it as we speak!
Please keep an eye on our forum for further details and announcements.

Thank you for reaching out to us ChaoticVampire!

Im having the same issues on xbox. DLC armor just makes me “see through.”

Having the same issue, corrupted invisible crocodiles and hyenas in particular is problematic as they are killing new thralls I’m leveling up.

AoS is nearly unplayable at this point. So many invisible enemies on Xbox Series S. Half the armor that I equip makes my character appear nude.

Xbox, after update age of sorcery many invisible foes

Playstation 4, following thralls die when removing braclet while corrupted

Not just on Playstation, happens on Xbox as well. Not happening on PC/Steam versions though?

Happens on Xbox Series X as well.

*My big issue that is reproduceable 100% of the time, is my baby white tiger converted to a pet via the animal pen is ALWAYS invisible! I can only see his eye balls. Strange thing though, when I go to the frozen north (walk the ridge on the western side D12) then he is VISIBLE! Everywhere else hes invisible that I noticed so far.
*The white tiger boss that guards his baby on the far western side of the map (B10) is always invisible. His cub is always invisible as well.
*Baby rhinos are never invisible for me, but all cubs I found are always invisible (tiger B8, bear C11/C9/H8). Once the non-white tiger & bears become my pet/adults, they are no longer invisible. Only the white tiger pet/adult is invisible for me.
*Other random enemies are invisible, but I believe I always or usually can see the eyes.
*Fluid press buildable is usually invisible, as well as feeding box. No other objects that I noticed so far

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