Fix my game please!

PLEASE FIX EXILES!!! I’ve been playing Conan casually now for a couple years. The last time i invested this much time and effort was on Fallout 4.
As with other players i updated the Age Of Sorcery and regional dlc and now my game is fkd!!! All my building pieces are missing, and not only is some of my armor missing but what is left is not wearable!!! The armor renders the parts of my body invisible lol!!
I play solo on a Xbox Series S so i know it is not a server issue. Pleading with Funcom to hurry and fix this issue!!! I have buildings to build and lands to conquer!:grin:
Any other suggestions as to repair said issues are greatly appreciated.


Hey there, the issue you describe about armor and buildings not being visible is something we’re aware of and actively working to have fixed. I am sorry for the trouble!


Is this the same for the adds in the game too? I’m having same issues as above but also alligators and hyenas aren’t spawning either but are there and attacking. I’m on a PlayStation server.

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