Isle of Siptah, invisible enemies

Enemies all over Isle of siptah are invisible

Each time i log in a new set of enemies would be invisible, and ones previously invisible are no longer invisible

For example when I started crocodiles and hogs were invisible, however when I log back in they’re no longer and instead mammoths would be invisible

One consistent bug I’ve seen is the stygian Set warriors, the military ones, they don’t have armour at all, only their weapon, hands and heads are floating, the rest is completely invisible

Another really big issue is the maelstorm demon enemies, just about all of them are invisible

I’ve also had issues with invisible weapons in my hands

Hello there @MarauderX1 welcome to our forums!

Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us!

We are aware of this situation occurring and we have released a new patch in the meantime.

You can find the patch notes for this patch here.

Please let us know if the situation persists after patching the game.

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