Do all of the official servers have the same settings? [PS4]


I wasn’t able to find this info anywhere. From what I can tell, it looks like the official servers have the same settings and are not customized at all. Is this correct? For example, are there any official servers that have the stamina rate set lower or harvest amount higher, or are private servers the only way to attain this?

I’m on PS4, but this question might be applicable to PC and XBOX as well.

Thanks so much! :slight_smile:

All officials have 1 of three type of settings
PVE-no fighting or raiding
PVE-C–just fighting in a 6 hour window
PVP.–raiding only 6 hours, but fighting 24/7

The only difference is the raid time, all 6 hour windows. They are based on the servers timezone, 5pm - 11 pm, and reset at 6am server time zone daily.

Thank you!! I figured that was the only difference and they all had the same stamina etc settings.