A place to get the default official server "serversettings.ini' please?

Outside of adding mods I would prefer our server match the settings / gameplay mechanics of official servers, is there a way to keep updated on what is considered “official” serversettings.ini?


Playing server #1800 I noticed harvesting was x2 - every branch grabbed gave two (as an example). Is this considered the norm or official way to go?

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Funcom has set the official PvP servers with gathering rate at 2x. For Official PvE servers it is set at 1x. Not sure for official PvE-C.

Ah ok.

Was more worried about all settings, as server settings at least on our server go waaaay back… a local copy with the desired tweaks such as minimum players online for purge is copied in entirety when updating serversettings. There is no chance that I understand for a standard official server settings file to exist and be referenced?

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