Wrong settings on official pvp servers. NEED fix ASAP

After server reset official pvp servers have wrong settings. PvP raid timer is on 24 hours. harvesting is 1x. This needs to be fixed ASAP before players go maniac and raid all bases before players get online.


Yep, also decay timers aren’t showing… they all say “Decays in: -”


Hey all, can you give me a couple of servers you’ve seen this on? Or is literally all? I’m currently checking as well on my end.

1069 official pvp

Official Server #1150

Battleye is disabled also…

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Official PvP server #1061

Hi i have some issues on the Official #1062 Server as well.

They shut down the server and after 1-2 Hours it came back on. As i loggd in, all my inventory wos gone. Also the settings of naked changed from “all” to “none” at the server. Other things could have changed too.

same here on 1065 no raid times also the nudity option is switched off now

well I was wondering why this kind of bug was not happening…

Now there you go.

The reason why experienced players can’t trust about Funcom’s stabilizing ability.

just noticed that the decay timers are turned off now as well…omg guys what have you done

Weren’t you all supposed to be on vacation? Stealth wiping officials, resetting server settings. Pretty suspect. RIP servers mentioned… Who is this rogue employee?

Did the vacation not go well? Retreat food was bad or what? Did you get some bad customer service, come back early and decide to take it out on a few a Official servers… lol j/k… but really what happened here?

Unfortunately (for her, fortunate for us) she’s the American… RIP vacations.

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Maybe she’s upset about not getting that long vacation… hmmm Nicole… seems like she can check out the servers…

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These are EU servers, I think @AndyB might need to intervene :adnyplz:

After brief survey Official Servers

1061 through 1068
1070, 1072-1080

All appear to be toggled to 1X PVP, no BattlEye, no Raid Window, no Ping limit, no nudity

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Server #1054 and #1054 have the same problem… say goodbye to your bases :frowning:

haha I promise I’m not wiping servers. :b If they are, that’s obviously not good. I’ve altered some devs and having them looked into. Thank you all for the reports and server numbers.

How did you apply the modifications to the devs exactly? Was it a physical alteration?

Are we going to be getting Unit Testing? How about a non-development version of the servers deployed to steamcmd? Most certainly that last point is the cause of all your crashing issues.

It’s simply really, just gotta turn them off and then on again sometimes.

I KNEW IT, =) nah this is not something that happens like that. You would have had to remove the config files for them to get reset.

I’m going to take a wild guess, the storage array failed because of all the dam n writes that this dev version hits the disk with, they reinstalled and moved the game.db file but forgot to copy the configs.