Official Server #1120 server time broken

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug-Cheat
Server type: Pvp
Region: EU

We were playing in official 1120 but got raided on sunday out of raid time, i didnt know what to do about it. Server time says its between 17-23 and i got raided at 16.00 or something.We have played 3 months in that server i got 900 hours of play time and my friend got 400 hours and on sunday a cheater raided me out of raid time (i think cheater using fly hack or something) I was have avatar protection and lots of fences with nails.No one can go over them in 10 minutes or 30 minutes that is impossible.

Cheater’s nickname was just played 1 day made it to 60 in 1 day raided me and never played in that server again was joined to another clan with 2 ppl.2 ppl is still in game tho.We want to back-up to my server please because i might have to leave the game i dont want to spend a lot of time to grind again we were have over 100 fighter thralls and tons of legendary weapons in their hands.

Hey there,

If you suspect there’s been a use of exploits please use our tool Exploit Hunters to inform about it.
Otherwise, we edited out the names included in this post as it is against our community guidelines to post other player’s character or account names.

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