Players leveled 1-60 in minutes on server EU-PVP #1307

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  • You can see this player. He joined the server 2 hours ago. Now he’s 60 and his cheating friends now got 2 avatars ready. Which also just joined the server. Please help before the server gets ruined.

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2.Watch 3 new players join server
3. See these three new players go 1-60 in minutes
4. Watch them get avatars ready to pop

Correction, 2 mins later:

They now have more than 2 avatars…

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And there they harvested the whole server. Im done. 900 hours spent taken away with 6 hours of cheaters. Thanks Funcom. For nothing.


You do realise that you didnt fill properly valuable informations?

That this part of the forum is devoted mostly to bugs?

And that there is a specific section for cheaters/exploits?

If you had 900 hours on a pvp server, you should have been prepared against them. Funcom isnt responsible of cheaters but can help toward them.

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just a note on battlemetrics … i don’t know how it gets it’s information but it does not accurately track how much time a player has on a server.
for example, I have well over 900 hours on ONE server … but at the moment Battlemetrics says my account was FIRST seen on THAT server 2 months ago and has about 52 hours on the server on the leader board and 102 hours when you click on my name…and NO history on the server past 2 months ago … but I started on that server back in May 2018 and spent the majority of my 1000 hours in the game on it …
So if you are using ONLY the battlemetrics information it might not be accurate … it is more likely he leveled up on that server months ago and then stopped playing … then has come back and either stolen resources or joined a guild with resources.

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It might be a new bug again… conan update new bugs…
Like the blunted javelins before

The exp can be explained with exploits but the avatars no. You say 2 hours and he was level 60 and his friends with 2 avatars on standbye. Takes 6 hours to break a archpriest to craft the avatar and about 30 mins per 100 vigils needing 500 for the token not counting craft time so I have to assume that they just found someones alter that was dumb enough to leave an avatar inside of it.

Hey there,

To report an exploit please use our tool Exploit Hunters or contact any of our staff privately. As an important note, we would like to remind that we’re most interested in the methods used to achieve these exploits and not the exploiters themselves.
We’re going to proceed to close this thread.