Wrong settings on official pvp servers. NEED fix ASAP

I always suspected Nicole for being responsible for all the trouble Funcom is going through with Conan Exiles. She must be hired from Wildcard to mess things up here. I mean, just look at her nickname: SPYnosaur! How obvious can you get? Perfect name for some ARKish intruder :rofl:


pvp #1076 has wrong settings…-.-…

Allready to late on my base/server they intentionaly went on raiding our base after 23:00

Those people need to get banned and i want a roll back of all of our data

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Could you do that for Xbox PVE 2501? It has been down for over an hour, and it disconnected me standing in the middle of Asagarth.

Server PVP #1151 has wrong settings too

hello, pls can u check SA server 1995? raid time move from 5pm/11pm to 9pm/3am, thx in advance

2511 is restarting every 10 minutes. What’s going on?

1150 still wrong setting … how long do we have to wait until you change the settings?

Gportal server crashed and they set our database on a new server … thats why we have a new ip … only the settings are now default …

Still not working. And all my stuff is gone. Nudity is still at none.
They didn’t even announce the changing.

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3 days now …

still no change …

Are you doing this on purpose?

or are you just unable to adjust some settings?

Same for me :disappointed:

Server #1150 has been fixed, so must be someone on the case lol.

Official server #1076 PvP -g-portal.com is still a mess…why…:frowning: i can´t play this game right



mhm 1 h after my latest post they fixed our server :wink:

All servers without Battleye enabled and wrong server settings should be fixed now. Thanks for your patience everyone!


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