Do dungeon bosses have respwan time if someone other than you killed it

i was wondering if a dungeon boss was killed by another player then you enter the dungeon asnd the boss doesnt appear to you

I play solo but I imagine it’ll respawn after a little while.

I don’t think dungeons are instanced the way they are in most MMOs, so random people could enter the same dungeon you’re in. Likewise, after someone kills a boss, you’d enter the same instance of dungeon they were in and the boss would be dead.

At least I think this is how it works. Someone will likely correct me if I’m wrong.

bosses do respawn after a while.
I’d say about 30min or so.
one of the players i play with got killed in the black keep. i killed the boss alone, then he came back and after about 30 min the boss was there again.
same thing with the barrow king (who is in a “non loading” area), so i guess it’s the same for all of them.

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