Does anyone know where to find the fabled legendary Pickaxe?

I’m talking about this one: The Pecker - Official Conan Exiles Wiki

The description says it’s Heker’s Pecker, but I have killed Heker the Henpecked over 150 times now without getting this pickaxe. Has anyone ever seen this dropped?

Never even heard of it, sorry. Did you try capturing the guy? Maybe it’s a crafted item.

Where did you find him - and even 150 of him, if I may ask?

piping. of Siptah guaranteed spawn I. the southwest area of main isle.

7/8 E in a small camp. He is an almost guarenteed spawn and I have a base next to him.

Putting Heker in a Blacksmith bench gives no option the make the Pecker.

I would love to actually know for sure if it’s implemented or not at all

NGL. I love this item already. Name is funny. Also, been craving a BB level pickaxe for a while.


Now I want it too!!!
Also killed that guy a bunch of time. No drop.

Bump. Can a dev maybe possibly confirm whether it’s in the live game or not?

Maybe you have to harvest him to get it, just sayin…

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Bump. I am also keen for an answer here.

So, I just started Siptah and just discovered that it is incredibly hard to get Black Blood tools because of the RNG. Perhaps FC also tilted the RNG into “super rare” for the pecker as well.

EDIT Harvesting Power 21! This thing is better than Black Blood! I’m willing to bet it’s a super rare spawn then, given that BB tools are already REALLY hard to get on Siptah.

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