Doubt about Early Access - Official Servers going to Wipe?

Hello, the Isle Siptah is at Early Access Right? When the game launch the Official servers going to Wipe?

I’m Asking that because if Official servers going to Wipe i will Wait to build my castle there :slight_smile:

There is no wipe planned. Here is a link to confirm.

We built in T1 figuring it would get wiped like exiles did.

Did Scott adress this topic anywhere later (this is from September, 5th 2020) ?

In the dev stream, they said again that there are no wipes planned.

Are you referring to this one?

I think they are talking about the Crafting stations update here, not the end of early access for “Ilse of Siptah”. If I understood correctly then we are still lacking any concrete info about that?

The stream was about the new crafting benches, but during the Q&A, they confirmed that the official servers will NOT be wiped.

Look, @Ciero9, I read through all the Developer Stream Recap: October 23rd, 2020 that a wonderful and passionate exile took the time to write down (THANKS, @Narelle!) several times and there is NO such confirmation. Except the part that I already posted, and that part is, as I already said, only about the 2.1 update.

Because of your post I listened to all the stream´s Q&A AGAIN. And still there is nothing. So please, don´t just paste claims without basis and evidence. It makes everything only more complicated. If you really have Information, then give us the sources. Thank you.

After Exiled Lands´ Early Access finished all official servers wiped. Until we have a distinct statement from funcom´s side, there is no reason to claim that with Ilse of Siptah the servers will not wipe before launch.

The linked topic that @Zraxa posted is close to beeing a confirmation, but what Ignasis sais is not a confirmation that no wipes will occur. It is only a vague statement: “no wipes planned”. This is why I was asking for the Producer´s letters @Ignasi mentioned. Could anybody please provide a link to those or other relevant postings?

Sorry my bad, wrong recap but I remember it being confirmed in at least one stream. This one has it:

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Oh, great! Now it is clear (even to me ;-)) Both Alex and Scott confirmed it.
Again, Thanks for the solution, @Narelle :smiley:


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