Still worth joining an official server?

I decided to play conan exiles and saw most official servers are 860 days old. I would like to play on officials without any mods or duplicaters added. Is there any possibility of server wipes in the future? Is it worth starting on a server with this much time passed since opening?

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Funcom always said there would be no wipe. They just said it with the new Siptah map. So if you are a new player waiting for the official release well good luck finding a server with nobody on already for months. I think making a promise not to wipe is a bad decision on Funcom part. Why me as a new player for siptah ever want to play if I already start with a disavantage from the start?

If I am wrong let me know but that’s what funcom said they would be no wipes.

I have already ask this servers wipe on officials servers. every 3 months.

They do not want, so officials servers and the game is dead.

It is crazy, every other game did it …

This is why I run private server. I will never step foot on a public server.

The evolution of players coming and going on Officials is pretty steady. Just because a server is 860 days old doesn’t mean it needs a wipe. The decay system keeps the servers pretty clean for the most part.
There are some servers with huge theme bases in places that have no strategic value, which can be annoying. The owners are rarely seen and just log in to refresh their “masterpieces”. Kind of amusing, really.

I recently jumped to another server, as the one I was on had too many huge bases which served no purpose other than ego and I was pleasantly surprised that the new server I transferred to was pretty clean.
You have to test the waters on these servers and see who plays and where they build. I play on a PVE-C server, so I really cant speak for the pure PVE ones.

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That make sense but what you think about not wiping the Siptah map ones. They are on early access and they say they want wipe. I find that ridiculous. All games do that. I don’t understand the reasonning beside not having players mad but it’s early access why not?

Siptah is in EA, so you can count on a few wipes. Funcom wont say when or comment on them, but you can be sure there will be.

In their dev stream earlier this week they explicitly said there will be no wipes ever. There were no weasel words used at all.

Starting on an old server will not place you at a disadvantage. On the contrary, you’ll have easier access to t4 thralls from helping players or from raiding old players. Also, because of the decay system, there is plenty of space to build multiple bases without feeling crowded.

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Sadly, as unstable as this game is, I can’t imagine playing in any server with default settings. Even if it’s just the deaths from dashboarding in unsafe areas and loosing all your stuff, it happens so much I would probably break something IRL and never play the game again. I do acknowledge that some people enjoy suffering. I might play on an official server of the game actually functioned.

Sad bc the game is brilliant in a lot of ways, but they really need to focus on getting the basics ironed out and less on more expansions. So many people in our server playing other games bc they give up after crashing on log in 3 or 4 times in a row.

I’ve played the game for more than a year. Never had any game breaking issues. Still playing. I have a large base and lots of items. I see nothing game breaking. I play on pc.
Maybe you have 500 mods installed, maybe your pc does not meet the requirements or you have faulty hardware.
If you play on console, you posted in the wrong section.

If he’s talking about dashboarding, he’s talking about console, most likely the Xbox which is a complete and utter mess right now.

Watch the Funcom dev stream from two days ago. They said there will be no wipes on Siptah.

oh yeah, just showed up as general discussion tag. Yeah I mean xbox. It’s got issues to say the least.

I’ve been playing this game since EA1 for CE, I know how FC operates…lol. I will bet you $50 that there will be a wipe before EA is over. moneymouth

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This is how you know which platform this topic is referring to:

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