Request 5 new Siptah and Exile Official Servers with the age less then 2 years. Wipe some of the no population ones

Request wiping some of the old 1000 day plus, dead, servers and starting 5 new fresh map Official Servers for each map. I shouldn’t have to go to a private server to play on a map that isnt 2-4 years old. No one wants to join a dead server that is 1080 days old.

I don’t get it. Are they actually dead? If nobody’s playing on them:

  • Why do they need to be wiped?
  • Why do you want to play with nobody on?

If they’re not dead, why should Funcom wipe them for you?


My thoughts exactly. If their dead than there will be nothing to wipe :man_shrugging:


Perhaps the servers aren’t dead, per se, just have legacy clans logging in every 6 days, or so, and all the spots this guy wants to build on has been taken. Perhaps.

If they wipe a server then everything that is built on the server goes away, and I think all chars related to that server will vanish too, lots of servers may look dead, but there could be some players being there occasionally to refresh or play a little.

He just wants a fair shot at becoming server-dictator. :wink:

Some people think they don’t get equal opportunity on PvP servers because some people have been there “forever” according to them. Don’t worry, server transfers will solve that problem for you.

In the mean time … there’s more than enough servers to find one that is to your liking. But if you are looking for a challenge: There are more ways to win than just raw power and resources. Get smart. Start fighting a guerilla war. It is absolutely doable.


Yeah I know what he meant, I was being a little younger in cheek. I’m one of those players on a couple of severs lol. I only actively play one at the moment but have bases I refresh every week on others to prevent decay for when I want to head back.

Look at it from the perspective of a new player.

When I say dead server. Go to the american server list during peak hours and you will see 40 servers with no people playing on them.
All the server start dates are over 3 years ago. Im new and want to select a pvp server.
Would I pick a server that is 3 years old with no players or server with players?
Option A: So I join a populated server. I walk around and they whole zone is claimed and foundation spam everywhere and legacy 10 man clans. Life is hard.
Option B: I join one of the server that has 0/40 players that is 3 years old. Im the only one on the server and it is not likely new players will join it. I might as well play solo game.

Or Option C: I start on a fresh server. People know there are not 3 year legacy clans and spam everywhere and new players will be more likely to join it and not feel behind to power curve. Its a official server so they do have to worry about mods.

Blow you’re way into your preferred build spot bro. Funcom have stated several times that they WONT wipe official servers. Sounds like private servers would be more suited to what you’re looking for. Some are really good with events and what not.

Except that option C will be an option for about a month. At most. And then you’ll have “legacy clans and spam everywhere” again, because you’ll still have the underlying problem of being able to build a buttload of stuff and then refresh it by spending between 5 and 30 minutes a week.

Make no mistake, it is a problem and it needs to be solved. But it won’t be solved until Funcom acknowledges that it’s a problem. And the solution definitely isn’t “lol server wipe goes brrrrrr”, but rather implementing game mechanics that incentivize active play over easy refreshing.

Until that problem is actually solved, you’re better off either learning to adapt to the situation on the official servers or finding a private server you like.

A month is still better then 3 years! Is it really ridiculous to ask for a server that is not 3 years old? Or remove the indicator of how old a server is. new players don’t want to join a server that is over 1080 days old. If it doesn’t matter, then why do people advertise fresh wipes to get people to play on the there private servers. Because larger server dates it drives new players away.

Its a small and simple thing to do, with no cost. Try it and see if some fresh server attract some new players.

It depends on who you ask. I personally find it ridiculous, but I’m sure there are many who don’t :man_shrugging:

Regardless of how we feel about the importance of the server age, I don’t think it’s okay to ask other people’s bases to be nuked just because you want a number to go down in a list :wink:

Damned if they do, damned if they don’t. I still remember when the server list didn’t have the server age in it. When they added it, a lot of us were confused about what it meant.

I still don’t know why they added it. Like I said, I don’t really care for the server age anyway.

I’m a bit skeptical here. I’m not sure whether you mean “new players” as in “new to the game” or “new to the server”. If it’s “new to the game”, then I can honestly say I’ve never ever seen a newcomer be that worried about the server age. If it’s “new to the server but not to the game”, then I expect that those people also know how to find out if they’ll like a server without investing too much time into it.

As far as I’m concerned, they can go ahead and remove the server age from the list, no skin off my nose. Or they can solve the overbuilding and EZ-refresh problem. But wipes? Skip me with that … stuff. You said it yourself, there are plenty of private servers that offer that :slight_smile:

I think the best you could hope for is closing some of the lowest population servers. So no one loses items or characters and new players will go to the open servers. Then maybe transferring characters to other open servers.

They definitely should not add any more, there is way too many as is. Also there is a bug where all servers show 0/40, you have to refresh your list to see the accurate player counts.

Confirmed, this has bugged me (no pun intended) for a long time.

This only fixes the problem 10-15% of the time for me. I stopped paying attention to the reported number of players on the server list.

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