Dreamborn RP revival - Exiled Lands

Dreamborn RP is opening its gates.

With the revival of Dreamborn, a voice roleplay server (English), driven by a positive community, is creating a safe environment. Dreamborn is welcoming all new and experienced roleplayers.

If you’d like to join Dreamborn and find out more, hop into our discord anytime. https://discord.gg/3f9XS55

Dreamborn’s core features are:

  • A lightweight mod selection, containing 20 mods small in size
    Steam Workshop::Dreamborn RP Mod Collection
    Players do not need a high-end system in order to enjoy roleplay
  • Map: Exiled Lands
  • Community driven, changes are based on the player’s votes

Launch date: Friday, March 12th (between 4 PM and 8 PM EST - time decided by player votes)

Additional features:

  • Whitelisting
  • 18+ only
  • Streamer-friendly, following Twitch ToS
  • Optional quests and events that do not compromise the player’s schedule
  • Plenty of useful guidelines
  • Supportive, inclusive, positive - no toleration for toxicity
  • Easy and convenient transportation system
  • Easy Anti Cheat

Dear Dreamers,

As you awaken you remember pictures of new lands. The winds are whispering promises that you can reclaim some of your freedom.

The Savage Wilds are calling.

That’s right, Dreamborn smelled your curiosity, and based on popular demand, we’re giving you a way to explore the new modded map “Savage Wilds” . The best part of that? You get to keep your progress. We are expanding our world with an additional place which you can travel to and return from any time.

When we reopen the gates on Friday afternoon, you will be able to transfer smoothly from the Exiled Lands to the Savage Wilds and back whenever you want, whilst keeping your character. Your creative stories can go on and will only get more exciting from here on.