Dregs Boss Broken

The boss for the Dregs dungeon is glitching out. It gets stuck sideways after it’s first or second charge attack. This makes hitting it almost impossible without arrows. Arrows also seem to bounce off of it and miss. I don’t know if it’s a hit box problem for it being glitched or if you made it arrows proof.

Anglinex, you need to add more information:
Are you playing Solo or on a general Server?
If on server, which one?
You have stated you are on a PC: are there any mods loaded. If there are, what are they?
If you are running Solo and your PC does not have enough memory, capacity, etc. then your game can glitch.
You can try verifying the integrity of your CE load:

  • In Steam, right-click on ‘Conan Exiles’;
  • Click on the Local Files Tab.
  • At the bottom, click on the VERIFY INTEGRITY… button and go grab a cuppa beverage because it will take its time.

I’m on testlive dedicated server and I’ve run through this a couple times. This boss is very glitchy for me too. Almost have to just run around swinging my axe at thin air to hit him. Bow is useless. I think the hitbox is really misplaced or out of sync. My cousin also has these issues trying to fight it.

I’m on PC
It happened once on a server and then I tested it on solo.
My files are all verified and fine.
It wasn’t an official server but it did not have any mods.
My computers memory is able to handle more intensive games.

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