Dregs Dungeon wont open on (single player)

I went to the Dregs Dungeon and killed 6 people right over the spot you have to for it to open. and nothing happened. I waited for like 5 min and still nothing.

Same here, i lured 2 onto the platform and killed them, then drug an unconcous one over and slaughtered them, but nothing.

same here on multiplayer

Are you on PC or Xbox Platform? I am on Xbox and had no problem opening the entrance to the Dregs in Co-Op in both my game and my friend’s game (we went in twice). I must add the disclaimer that it was prior to the most recent patches that happened a few days ago. (We were able to drag a thrall into the center of the circle, release the thrall from binding, and then shot the thrall with arrows. It took a few seconds before the entrance was activated.)

We got it only open when one of us toke bracelet of and comite suicide, so only one was able to get in, we had killed so many thralls on the entrance and it did not open.

That may be the intention moving forward. Sacrifice one of your own instead of the nameless masses below.

So how you want to go in the Dreg Dungeon when you play single player?

It most likely is just a bug. But one can wonder.

Im only speculating, could you need to kill a trained/broken thrall slave instead of a random?

Sacrificed person can be an unbroken thrall. We just captured the last Darfari prior to entering the Dregs. Knocked them out, dragged them to the Dregs entrance and shot them with an arrow. We did not break the thrall first.