Just leave the dregs entrance open permanently

This is the first dungeon most new players do and it’s always broken for getting the entrance open, let’s just open the entrance and keep it open for good, we don’t even need this kill to open door mechanic at all if it’s rarely going to work properly

I understand your frustration, but I disagree vehemently. They should fix the bug instead.

And yeah, I know that they have to prioritize work and that this is just one of those annoyances with easy workarounds, but maybe they should also sit down and take a better look at how and what they prioritize. Each one of those annoyances is small by itself, but they accumulate. It wouldn’t freaking kill anyone if they prioritized some of them a bit more. :angry:


I would normally agree usually to fix the bug but the entrance has almost always been bugged in some way since i started playing, I’ve honestly never seen it function the way it’s supposed to in 3 years pretty much

They either clip halfway and become immune to damage or they fall thru the entire thing now

I like the mechanic they intended but they need it to work properly

many times i had to give up on the dregs entrance because the last guy gets stuck or falls thru and doesn’t come out and i dont have the time to wait for all npcs to respawn 15 minutes later because my game times run out

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And you nailed it with the accumulation of tiny things, that’s what usually pushes me the hardest, one tiny thing isn’t bad but when it’s one tiny thing after another after another, you start pulling your hair out lol

Might explain why we see so many npcs with the bald on party in the back hair, poor guys yoinked it all out :joy:


It can be a pain in the ass, but you can make it work. You have to be careful about how you kite the NPC around, when you hit it, what weapon you use, etc.

It used to be one of the dungeons I ran periodically, back before the food and crafting changes. Cooked abysmal flesh used to be extremely useful, both because of the ichor and because it would hydrate me almost as well as the aloe soup (but was much easier to craft than the aloe soup).

It’s definitely doable, but it’s not as important anymore :frowning:

Maybe for the dregs they could just put a bowl alter in the centre and have us place blood inside it as a sacrifice to open the door, that way we can ditch the npc issues with it but it’s still similar minus the npc luring

That was also my ichor go to in game, was insane the amount you could walk out with

My way to deal with it was just to knock the last npc out where he stood and drag him halfway onto the door and then kill him, annoying but was my one solution to garentee i wasnt wasting my time lol


Holy crap! I feel so stupid now :rofl:

Thanks, dude. I am definitely gonna start doing that :smiley:


Oh man i was the same when i figured this out, was like why didn’t i even think of something so simple haha :joy::joy::joy:


Seriously? When it first was added to the game that is how we all did it. Knock them out, drag them over the entrance, then “sacrifice” them, lol. I have not done that dungeon in almost 4 years.


The irony is it doesn’t really mesh with the mechanics of dungeons now. Dogs and kinscourge are the only dungeons which need something to start (yes warmakers and black keep have a key system, but that’s after you start). Having the dungeons open just makes sense in the world they created.

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I know it sounds easy but I never used this option too.
I visit this dungeon quite often because I love restarts. I always used the dagger way to enter and because I try it in the beginning of the game I almost always enter really low hp. There are so many things, simple things, we have to speak between us, nothing is granted.


I think a compromise is best. NPCs will always have issues with moving platforms in some form or fashion. So I suggest a static altar-like thing that when a humanoid is killed upon it the dungeon opens as normal.

The hard part is modeling and texturing the altar (if we don’t use a pre-existing asset), then moving the trigger to it. Could also offset the ghosts as well.

Now we have a fully functional dungeon entrance with a cool way to open the door and should be mostly bug free. Everyone’s happy.


Dragging a victim is one of the best ways. Just run in and knock out a small group or two so you have a few extras in case of an accident.

If you are strong enough, and more importantly crazy enough there is another way. Put your thrall on attack no one and sprint through the camp strait to the alter. Once there turn your thrall back to either guard you attack all and let them sacrifices come to you.

A huge amount of guys will follow you in so you need to be very well geared and ready to go, preferably with you and your thrall having some decent knockdown weapons to help slow down the incoming damage while you slay away.

It won’t always work, but it’s a lot of fun

I also had a player tell me he would take a t1 thrall as a follower and kill it on the alter, but I never tried it or actually saw him do it


If I understand correctly?
To the kingsourge dungeon we have to “offer” demon blood in the entrance to enter.
So you suggest, in abysmal entrance to “offer” (simple) blood and enter?
Did I understand correctly?
Thank you for your patience

If you want to enter the dungeon very early in the game, I have a technique that seems to work every single time.
In my beginning run I always go there to take,
Darfari weapons
Darfari banners
The emote
Then I run straight forward up, because all the village is chasing me :rofl::rofl::rofl:.
I do not stop to the obelisk, I go up up, turn right to take the dance, put a bedroll in a safe place, fix my first stone axe and after 3 min I go to obtain the obelisk.
Having shield, bone arrows with bow, daggers and axe, I complete my fighting style.
Ofcurce, weak aloe potions, rough wraps and steaks.
So when I obtain the obelisk, I jump down from the southern part of the dungeon, so the less possible agro will follow me.
If I manage to kill the archers before the brute notice me, it’s an easy fight then and easy entrance at the same time. It takes some rounds, about six to kill the boss with stone daggers, but it’s an easy fight.
If this dungeon entrance worked better, it would be way cooler than it’s already is. My greatest issue is the npcs some time ar suncked by the door, they do not walk on it correctly and this makes things more
You choose, yet none of the 3 is wrong.


Nah, it works the same way it does now, just not on the moving bits.

Haha I was the opposite, I saw the ghosts and took it too literally. Went and knocked one out, dragged them up, slowly sacrificed them on the door. When my wife just kited them up and killed them I was all like :man_facepalming:


Its Funcom… There’s still bugs from 2017 in exiled lands that they have carried over to siptah… Dont bother holding your breath…

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