Drop table bug?

Game mode: [Online official]
Type of issue: [Bug ]
Server type: [PvP ]
Region: [EU]

Drop table seems to be wrong since the 2 last patches. Frost giants don’t drop anything anymore. That’s said in my previous post, but not corrected since.

I open this new because I have some related news : Undead don’t drop anymore too… Seen in Warmaker sanctuary, or Black Keep, little skeletons with clothes usually drops, now they don’t. Lots of dungeons has same issue… They lost big interest!

Is this a feature or a bug?

  1. Go in Frost Giant village, or in Warmaker or in Black Keep
    2.Kill some unead (with clothes) or Giant
    3.No loot…
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And I found Black Hand loot on Lemurians, like Salaceo’s Instructions…

Hey @castrogne

Our team is aware of this issue, to be fixed in the next update or two.
Thanks for the feedback.


Your team will be fixed? That’s nice :stuck_out_tongue:

Edited previous answer for clarity.

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Ok thanks for answer. Is it possible to let this post open while the bug isn’t fixed?


When I understand Ignasis replies to some bug reports right: Many (if not most) bugs will NOT be corrected with mounts.
But with an additional patch after it?!

So Funcom lets bug in the games for >3 months… Woow… How many Devs does Funcom have? 1?

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