Dux can't move in combat

Update: OK I just did a little testing and it seems that if i use moth wings with Dux then, next round I can move normally at first. But if i simply highlight Dux’s minor mutation and then attempt to move it does not allow me to do it. Looks like this only happens post-mothwings but i will keep testing it out a bit in different fights/situations

I’ve had this problem a few times where Dux specifically, cannot move in combat (my other characters can move); sometimes this happens after already spending 1 action to move or at the beginning of his turn.

I would upload a screenshot/save file but I’m a new user so i can’t

If you zip up your entire save folder and send it to mark@thebeardedladiesconsulting.com with a link to this forum post and which save slot to load to see the bug, I’m sure they’d be very appreciative.

oh thanks man I’ll get on that

done, hopefully i helped

I edited my post to say “a link to this forum POST” instead of just “a link to this forum”. Hopefully you understood what I meant and not what I said. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

lol i did don’t worry