Dying curtains to match DLC

With the new DLC it would be nice to be able to dye the curtains blue to match.
Being able to dye curtains any color would be better.

Does anybody else have a problem with not being able to rotate the curtain that is only a right hand one?
I assume it was meant to be rotated because there is no left curtain.


Yes I would love to have the curtains in different colors, especially blue because 2 DLCs already have this blue theme going on (Argos and Aquilonia).

As far as I know, the one curtain part can’t be rotated and it was stated that only including one side was intended even though that makes absolutely no sense at all and annoys me greatly as well, there is barely any use of them because you can never make symmetrical looking rooms with just that one curtain part.


+1 from me !! Would be a nice touch!!

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