Can we get a “flipping” function for certain placeables?

I spend a lot of my time in game building and decorating, I own all of the dlcs and really enjoy the new aesthetic looks they bring to the game. However, I have an issue with certain placeables, and the biggest culprit is the new curtains. The single curtain can only be placed in one direction!

This is highly frustrating for someone who likes to use a lot of symmetry in their designs. I propose a “flipping” function for this placeable, a hot key you could press to flip, or mirror this item so that if faces the other direction.

I can think of a few other placeables, such as the aquilonian and riddle of steel statues that this feature would work on. It wouldn’t need to be added to every placeable, just the ones that make sense.

For instance, in this image, the throne would have a much better, cleaner look if one of the statues were able to be flipped.


I agree. Regarding the single curtain it’s obviously a mistake, but not obvious for Funcom it seems.

As I know these is no way to dynamically mirror a textured mesh with Unreal Engine, so Funcom should has to create a mirrored version of each concerned item. Since they don’t even want to do it for the curtain I have very little hopes.


yes i needs my symmetries

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Wow, what a shame. It really seems like a huge oversight on their part, and makes the dlc feel incomplete.


I hope they put a fix out for this … a simple flip option would be perfect … and may be it’s just me but I’d like to be able to dye the curtains as well … not the biggest fan of red but they look so cool that I have to use them

This is a super cool idea. I wouldn’t have really considered the usefulness of a flip function until that freaking curtain. :roll_eyes: I could see using it to place some Aquilonian spearmen statues lining the path to my throne. It is indeed a shame if the only easy way this could be implemented would require more placeables in the crafting menu.

I don’t know how these kinds of things work “behind the scenes”, so I’m not sure how to phrase this, but here goes: could both left and right handed statues exist in the game, but be represented by a single placeable? So if you’re about to place a right-handed Conan statue and press a key to “flip it”, you thereby change the statue item into the left-handed one, rather than actually flipping it? Could that be a workaround to avoid further crowding the crafting menu, and if so, would such a feature require much work to implement?

PS: I agree, the curtain makes the dlc feel incomplete to me as well. To top it all off, placing the curtain in the dismantling bench doesn’t work! I just threw it in the river with all the leather and cooked fish.

The idea of flipping items is great. At least selected items should be able to be reversed :thinking:.

I do not know how I missed the topic in which they said that there were no plans to make a reverse curtain :sob:. Maybe we can cover the doors or gates with them? If the character could pass through the curtains, it would make sense… maybe :face_with_raised_eyebrow:.

I definitely support this.

This was my exact notion when I seen them on stream. I wanna dye the bed and curtains…black obviously :joy:

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