Dying of all armor please and thank you

Id love to actually be able to dye all the armor sets in game it makes the aesthetics very sad looking when you color scheme wont work because if some armor and example of this and a armor piece a ton of people are using is the Arena Champion leggings.

I’d love to be able to dye Arena Champion armor. It’s shiny and very knightly the way it is, but it would look even more glorious in hot pink. They’re the same model as Silent Legion, but Silent Legion is so dark that they don’t take dyes very well. Even the pink on it looks more like Decepticon-style menacing magenta than Anime-girl cutesy. (Saying that makes me think that I may be using this game wrong.)

Also, even some dyeable armors have sections that can’t be dyed. If I can dye the metals on the Bear Shaman hood, why not the cloth hood part too? The grey hood ruins my Skeletor cosplay. (This isn’t going in the right direction…)

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